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VitalSkin Dermatology - Champaign-Urbana

1111 W. Kenyon Rd, Ste B

Urbana, IL 61801

(217) 819-3376 Directions

295 Ratings, 147 Comments

May 24, 2024
I saw Sarah and a PA student, both were professional

May 13, 2024
Front desk staff were friendly and informative. My mole removal process went awesome and enjoyed the staff that helped remove my moles.

May 11, 2024
Quick, easy and thorough.

May 11, 2024
Sarah Kinkaid is very thorough and friendly.

May 5, 2024
Very good people and service

Apr 26, 2024
Long wait…but the providers were busy I’m sure

Apr 21, 2024
I had to wait 30 minutes pass my appointment time.

Apr 20, 2024
Felt I had a very thorough skin inspection and received good advice.

Apr 5, 2024
Professional, cordial staff. On-time, great communication!

Apr 2, 2024
It was a great experience. I love Sarah Kincaid! She is so easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable and does a thorough job!

Apr 1, 2024
The doctors were very nice and assertive. I received recommendations as to what skincare to use and the doctor was quick to diagnose and prescribe me what I needed.

Apr 1, 2024
Check in process was a little lengthy, but it was my first visit. Otherwise everything seemed smooth and nice

Mar 29, 2024
The staff made me feel very welcome and comfortable.

Mar 29, 2024
Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable.

Mar 26, 2024
Everyone was very friendly, only gave a 9 because the wait was very long and face time with the doctor was very short.

Mar 26, 2024
Got in to my appointment in a timely manner.

Mar 24, 2024
I really like Sarah. She is personable and quick. She does a great job!

Mar 24, 2024
Quite pleasant. Friendly clean and prompt. Nice facility.

Mar 23, 2024
Was very nervous had been to skin doctor in 8 years and she was great making me feel calm.

Mar 23, 2024
Very thorough skin check up!

Mar 9, 2024
it was a normal check up but a growth was found on my head. It was taken care of quick and easily.

Mar 2, 2024
Sarah was very thorough and answered all my questions

Feb 27, 2024
Was greeted at the door. Waited only a few minutes. Good feedback on exam. Understood the findings and treament.

Feb 25, 2024
On time and good information.

Feb 24, 2024
very professional

Feb 24, 2024
Sarah is very professional and takes into account my needs personally when treating me.

Feb 23, 2024
The dermatologist was in the room for maybe a total of 3 minutes. She did not ask me any questions about my skin/skin care routine. It seemed much more like a follow-up and not an initial visit. I was planning to discuss option for treatments such as Botox but never had the chance.

Feb 19, 2024
On time , great! Once in examining room was attended to promptly

Feb 18, 2024
Everything was good

Feb 17, 2024
Sarah is very thorough and knowledgeable

Feb 16, 2024
On time great provider

Feb 11, 2024
Had to wait longer than usual for appointment

Feb 10, 2024
good service

Feb 9, 2024
It was my first time there and my appointment was at 4pm. I arrived 15-20 mins early to do the new patient paperwork. I did get called back until 4:45 and was never informed the doctor was running behind. I just would have appreciated some notification. I am now wondering if all of my future appointments will be this behind and do they over book?

Feb 9, 2024
Very pleasant staff, and genuinely dedicated to helping out!

Feb 4, 2024
Overall very smooth and easy visit. During intake by the assistant, she said there were no notes in my file for the active problem I was there to recheck, and assumed I was there for treatment of my eczema (different problem).

Jan 30, 2024
Good experience. They did what was necessary. My skin problems are extensive.

Jan 28, 2024
Sarah was thorough and listened to me.

Jan 27, 2024
Very pleasant, helpful and professional.

Jan 27, 2024
The Appt was great - but I had to wait an hour.

Jan 25, 2024
Very positive experience. Sarah took the time to thoroughly look at my skin to look for any problem spots.

Jan 22, 2024
The receptionist was friendly and helpful. Wait time was minimal, both in the waiting room and in the patient room. Sara is terrific. I was in and out within just a few minutes.

Jan 20, 2024
Very impressed with facility and Dr.

Jan 16, 2024
Waited over 45 minutes after scheduled appointment time to see provider.

Jan 15, 2024
No waiting. PA was capable and reassuring.

Jan 12, 2024
Was fast & easy

Jan 7, 2024
This was my first visit with VitalSkin and it was an extremely thorough examination versus a high fly over!!!

Jan 7, 2024
Attentive to my needs

Jan 7, 2024
I went in for a full skin check. Dr. Kincaid was very thorough and explained everything well, all while taking the time to listen to my concerns. I was thankful she didnt just opt for removing moles just for the sake of removing them. She gave me a great peace of mind. I will be returning for my annual skin exam and recommending them to all of my friends.

Dec 23, 2023
Staff is super friendly, caring, and explain everything about any problems found.