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Get found online. Start generating new reviews today.

Get found online.
Start generating new reviews today.

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Did you know that 83% of patients trust online ratings and reviews more than a personal recommendation? Ratings and reviews are an easy way to build trust and loyalty between you and your patients, and help grow your practice.

Attract More Patients Through Online Reviews

In today's reputation-driven economy, a key driver for consistently growing patient volume is to create and maintain a strong online reputation.

The best way to take control of your online reputation is to collect real reviews from actual patients and publish them online for everyone to see.

Getting started has never been easier. You can begin collecting your own verified patient reviews after each visit -- via email or any touchscreen device -- within 24 hours of signing up with Ratings.MD.

Turn Patients into Promoters

Harness the power of online reviews by turning your patients into online promoters of your practice.

Get a high volume of new online reviews streamed directly to your practice website, to highlight your true quality of care and set you apart from your competition.

Let your patients do the talking to increase trust and attract new patients: automated word-of-mouth marketing for your practice.

Drive more patients to your practice

Get 150% more patients to click on your website by getting verified star ratings from actual patients to appear at the top of Google Search Results.

Driving more people to your practice website is your best opportunity to convert them to patients.

Enable Google’s Rich Snippet stars with a simple cut and paste of code. Quickly boost your practice website's visibility in organic search without needing a developer or SEO agency.

More reviews = more patients

When asked about the kind of information they are looking for when they research potential physicians, more than 70% of patients say they are looking for patient ratings and reviews.

Given two practices with similar ratings, patients are more likely to choose the one with more reviews - Psychological Science, 2017.

The Bottom Line: Reviews increase profitability.

When you’re easy to find, you’re easy to choose.

Our Verified Patient Ratings solution helps you get to the top of Google Search ... with hundreds more reviews than Yelp, Facebook, Google, Healthgrades, Vitals and every other ratings website ... so you can get more patients into your practice.

Using our SmartRequest capability, we can also help you get more reviews on the third-party websites that matter most to your patients.

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