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1733 N Harlem Ave

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May 21, 2024
My apt was with Nimra Tanvir. Waited just a few minutes to be called in. She was very personal and very professional and very efficient.

May 18, 2024
Didn’t have to wait long, staff was friendly and efficient, answered all my questions.

May 17, 2024
I saw Nimra for the first time. She was friendly and gave practical actions to address my needs. However, there were so many formal medicine names used that it was hard to follow. It didn’t feel easy to translate into laymen’s terms and I left feeling confused about what to do and when. There was also a male assistant present in the room the entire time which made me uncomfortable. I choose female providers for visits like this and would have appreciated if I were asked ahead of time if I felt comfortable with a male staff being present.

May 11, 2024
Dr. Nimra and her associate were very professional and explained everything in detail for my new procedure, They made me feel comfortable since I was a little nervous.

May 6, 2024
Everyone there is lovely

May 4, 2024
Front desk professional as well as Dr. Tanvit.

Apr 30, 2024
It was a pleasant visit

Apr 10, 2024
I was taken in on time; the procedure went fine; I was out in half and hour. The NP and staff were friendly and helpful.

Mar 24, 2024
Great patient centered care

Mar 24, 2024
My PA took time and explained everything to me. Also had the doctor come and take a look at my condition.

Mar 23, 2024
I have severe allergies and I don't think the physician assistant understand the severity of my problem when it comes to prescribing medication.

Mar 22, 2024
Smooth running office. Everyone was friendly and almost no waiting. Very clean and organized.

Mar 19, 2024
All workers seemed friendly and thorough. Doctor took her time checking and explaining what I have to do for my skin problem. Answered all my questions. Very satisfied

Mar 9, 2024
Everyone was great and friendly.

Mar 2, 2024
Very helpful. I had issues with my insurance and they were very patient with me

Feb 6, 2024
I arrived on time; I was promptly called in. The PA and the staff were courteous and professional. The PA answered my questions thoughtfully and exhibited care.

Jan 23, 2024
Felt confident in the doctors abilities.

Jan 19, 2024
Nimra is amazing

Jan 16, 2024
Nimra is always super helpful.

Dec 24, 2023
Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Very professional and helpful staff. Explained procedures to me and took questions.

Dec 19, 2023

Dec 19, 2023
Arrived, checked in with little wait time. Nimra the PA was very professional, answered all my questions. Did the freezing procedure. Sent me home with supplies.

Dec 17, 2023
Prompt and fast did not have to wait to be seen

Dec 10, 2023
I felt listened to- the Dr did an awesome job of explaining everything to me- it was very informative and helpful

Dec 8, 2023
It was great. Everything went fine. The doctor was great.

Dec 1, 2023
The doctor saw me at correct time

Nov 17, 2023
All of my questions and concerns were answered. Doctor was very attentive.

Nov 11, 2023
I thought the NP extremely thorough and professional

Oct 30, 2023
Very professional and effective approach to my issue

Oct 22, 2023
efficient nice staff took care of me

Oct 21, 2023
Very clean, friendly office. Easy to make appointments

Oct 21, 2023
Nimra answered all my questions and came up with a plan to help my breakout of psoriasis

Oct 16, 2023
In general everyone was efficient

Oct 11, 2023

Oct 5, 2023
Kind and accommodating doctor and assistant. Wonderful bedside manner, made me feel comfortable

Sep 21, 2023
I was called in on time for my appointment

Sep 17, 2023
Efficient. And really intelligent provider. Also, Nimra was very warm and personable.

Sep 12, 2023
Prompt attention to my issue

Sep 8, 2023
The Doctor and her assistant was very helpful in treating my problem

Sep 1, 2023
Everyone was very nice, very professional.

Aug 23, 2023
Nimra is so professional and kind. I trust her with my care and treatment

Aug 19, 2023
Dr. Tanvir is spectacular. I felt very comfortable with her expressing my concern's. She goes into great detail into explaining diagnosis and care routines. I am extremely satisfied with her help/service.

Aug 18, 2023
Doctor was very thorough and kind. Office was clean and mostly comfortable. Unfortuantely I could hear the entirety of the appointment in the room next to me, and that person (thank goodness it was my husband) told me he could hear the entirety of MINE. This seems like a confidentiality problem.

Aug 18, 2023
It was good. A minor negative is that I was told to arrive 15 minutes early, but that was during the lunch break, so no point. There was a sign saying they were at lunch, so no big deal.

Aug 18, 2023

Aug 13, 2023
Quick and efficient

Aug 11, 2023
Alls well

Aug 6, 2023
I was brought back after a very short wait. The NP or PA explained everything to me clearly and made me feel cared for.

Aug 6, 2023
The physician assistant and staff were amazing! Very quick, clean, informative.

Jun 17, 2023
I was satisfied with everything.