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Family Medicine

1510 12th Ave Rd , Ste 200

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4.9 out of 5

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Jun 24, 2022
The visit was great, but getting appointment on a referral is very difficult.

Jun 24, 2022

Jun 23, 2022

Jun 22, 2022
Feel you guys are test happy.....costing myself and other patients money we can't afford.

Jun 15, 2022
She's wonderful - I feel that she listens and works well with me for improved health.

Jun 12, 2022
Very satisfied

Jun 4, 2022
Very good

Jun 4, 2022
Very impressed with Dr Fink. She talks fast for an older person to follow her.

May 31, 2022
I very much like Dr. Fink though she does talk fast.

May 27, 2022
Dr. Fink is my favorite doctor of all the doctors I see. She is always attentive, caring and personable.

May 26, 2022
Super cool Dr.

May 25, 2022
*Dr. Fink one of best.

May 19, 2022
Doctor Fink is very good and I feel at ease after my appointments with Her.

May 12, 2022
*Dr. Fink was great.

May 12, 2022
This was my first visit w/*Dr. Fink. I found her to be very caring I did feel that I did not get I didn't get everything handled & was told to set up another appt. I tried to but could not be seen until [date]! I feel that is unacceptable.

May 5, 2022
Dr Laura fink is great she listens she answers all my questions and I couldn't ask for better doctor

May 5, 2022
Lab wait times were so long that I had to return on a second day--and still wait about 45 minutes.I received duplicate phone calls and mailing with lab results--seems a waste of time to duplicate this report--especially when my appointment with the provider was only days away.

Apr 29, 2022
*Dr. Laura Fink is awesome. Covers everything and all alternative treatments and option. She is pleasant and professional. I really believe she CARES for each patient.

Apr 27, 2022
Very good.

Apr 22, 2022
I was very happy with my visit with Dr Fink. I felt like I had a laundry list of ailments. Dr Fink listened and evaluated my needs. She recommended a series of X-rays. The office called me within two days and explained Dr Fink's interpretation of the X-rays.The only complaint was I hadn't received the written evaluation or X-rays. We determined the e mail program for patients was behind times.

Apr 20, 2022
I enjoy *Dr. Fink.

Apr 20, 2022
*Dr. Fink was beyond helpful! I was impressed with her compassion & the time she took to understand my needs & seek to meet them.

Apr 19, 2022
Really enjoy *Dr. Fink for my dr easy to understand listen to every thing I ask.

Apr 18, 2022
Very good.

Apr 11, 2022
I feel so grateful to be receiving such personal care from my docs. I feel very confident on the care & never feel like a number.

Apr 8, 2022
Getting the X-rays was an adventure. The X-ray was out due to the remodel, so I went downstairs. That didn't work because of the type of X-rays, so I went to the orthopedic clinic. They had a nice computer system that wouldn't do walk-ins, so I ended up getting the X-rays at the hospital.

Apr 5, 2022
To explain _____ the above rating of 'good' instead of 'very good'. *Dr. Fink ordered an X-ray in office, there was some kind of miscommunication and I had a very, very long wait. Staff was very nice and if I wasn't already worn out from my shoulder pain, the waiting may not have been a problem.

Apr 5, 2022
*Dr. Fink and her nursing services are excellent and were interested in the information that I shared with them.

Apr 5, 2022
*Dr. Fink was very good at working to get answer to my problem and very helpful in it.

Apr 4, 2022
Took hours to get in and to my labs.

Apr 4, 2022
*Dr. Fink is a very caring physician.

Apr 1, 2022
Fast and complete. No waiting to see doctor.

Mar 26, 2022
Dr Fink is the best I have had

Mar 22, 2022
She was attentive and knowledgeable. Very nice and cheerful.

Mar 22, 2022
Wish visits with providers could be longer than 15 min.

Mar 21, 2022
Dr Fink was great. Listened and took the time to understand my history. Took time I. Examining my options

Mar 21, 2022
Visit is always very good with my doctor.

Mar 14, 2022
Awesome, as usual.

Mar 4, 2022
Every visit is very informative, friendly, helpful, & respectful. Very impressed with *Dr. Fink since 1st appt. Awesome doctor representing St. Al's.

Mar 2, 2022
I liked the doctor very much.

Mar 2, 2022
Very good physician!

Feb 26, 2022
I have a bad shoulder. Dr Fink ordered a MRI and told me to make an appointment with her again 4 or 5 days after the MRI to give her a chance to go over the results and then we can choose a course of action. When I called to make the appointment the first one they had was in April. I know they are busy but it seems to me they shoulld be able to set aside 15 minutes to follow thru on an ongoing case. Over a month is a long time to endure the pain in my shoulder and neck.

Feb 25, 2022
I was impressed with the dr. She seemed very knowledgeable and comfortable with what she was doing. I had been wanting a female dr. for awhile now. I believe I made a good choice. I feel good about her.

Feb 14, 2022
I miss *Victor - the nurse that used to work with *Dr. Fink. He was very sensitive and caring and I didn't feel rushed.

Feb 14, 2022
No issues, it was very good

Feb 7, 2022
She was very thorough, took lots of time asked questions, provided options, together with treatment cautions. Made quick arrangements for further care. Excellent provider!

Jan 18, 2022
First time with this provider. Really liked her.

Jan 15, 2022
Excellent care. Very knowledgeable and thorough.

Jan 11, 2022
It is an awesome experience to know this dr. TRULY CARES about ME as a person. In 7! years I've not had a dr. with as much compassion as SHE HAS.

Jan 10, 2022
I like the physician as a person, however she spoke very fast, felt like she was in a hurry to move to next patient ,for a yearly physical appt, visit was short, I had asked if I should be seen by physician who delt with older patients, I am 70 also one who was in office more often because my yearly appt should have been Aug however I could not get in till the end of Dec. Im healthy however, I had some health questions where I felt doc rushed over, and it was a quick 'if you want to see specialist fine we can make appt. ' Not really asking In detail what my Issue was and maybe there was an easy fix and not going to another doc. I just felt there were pre-determined questions for Medicare yearly checkup the physician went over the check list very quickly just was not a personal visit, one where there is a relationship between doc and patient Again, I like her as a person and I'm sure she is a fine doc. However, it just felt very rushed and not personable. I know she must see many patients so this may be the protocol get them In and out this is just my experience I don't want anyone to feel bad