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Dec 16, 2021
In years past visits have been frustrating as Dr. Lasecki was often behind, and it wasn't unusual to wait over an hour past my scheduled time. I appreciate that these concerns seem to have been noted, as the last few visits for myself and my children have been on time, but yet have not felt rushed. I was willing to wait the extra time because I have a great relationship with Dr. Lasecki, but I am grateful that some changes seem to have been made to address prior feedback. Thank you!

Dec 10, 2021
They are awesome. Thank you for your care.

Nov 8, 2021
Staff is wonderful!! Only bad thing I have to say is I waited an hour after my appointment time to be seen. I understand things are a bit crazy right now, but I had to take extra time off of work unexpectedly for it. So I was a bit frustrated. But all of the receptionists I spoke with about it were super nice and helpful, as were the nurses and the doc.

Nov 5, 2021
So happy with the care from my PCP and her team and this clinic.

Nov 1, 2021
Dr. Lasecki is a great doctor, and I've been with her a lot of years, and all your questions were great and I'll be sticking with her.

Oct 28, 2021
100% positive when it comes to Dr Lasecki and her nurses. She listens, she cares and she is understanding. I could not be happier with her care for all the years I have seen her. My only suggestion would be notification prior to visits if running behind. I can get text messages reminding me of my visits so why can't something be implemented to inform of long wait times? I would not mind knowing I could arrive 30 minutes later for my appointment.

Oct 22, 2021
I respect my doctor..she listens and works out my concerns with a correct results.

Oct 7, 2021
Very friendly and warm atmosphere at the clinic. Felt very comfortable being there and the staff was very nice.

Sep 29, 2021
I was very pleased with all the people I saw in the office today but I had to wait longer than usual and no one told me how long I should expect to wait. Okay. Thank you. Have a good day.

Sep 23, 2021
The provider responded to all the questions I had. Was very willing to listen, and understood the concerns that I had. She encouraged me to seek the treatment that I needed at the time I needed it. She has always been a very positive influence and helpful advocate for me in my health care. It's the specialist failed me, but my primary care provider exceeded expectation.

Sep 22, 2021
I am 77 years old, and I have had more than a dozen primary care physicians. Dr. Lasecki is the best one of the bunch.

Sep 15, 2021
Bellin Health is here for you! Bellin is a true partner in a the journey of health and well being.

Sep 3, 2021
Dr. Lasecki is amazing!

Aug 30, 2021
Dr. Lasecki and the staff at Bellin WDP have provided the very best care anyone could ask for. Not only have I entrusted my health to her but my daughter and granddaughters have done the same! She has become my longtime care giver and friend.

Aug 20, 2021
I was pleased as always. Keep up the great work.

Aug 2, 2021
I have always had top notch care at Bellin West De Pere. I trust them completely.

Jul 28, 2021

Jul 19, 2021
Dr. Steven Gerndt, MD
Dr. Gerndt is an awesome doctor. I wish that all of office visits to go as smoothly as they do with him. I do hope that Bellin recognizes what a great provider he is, and we always look forward to [edited for privacy] appointment with Dr. Gerndt and we plan on staying with him for a good long time. Please take good care of him. He's a great physician and he does a terrific job. Thank you.

Jul 12, 2021
Dr. Steven Gerndt, MD
Dr. Gerndt and his NP very carefully explained what my treatment plan would entail. They carefully answered all my questions and reduced my fear of what my surgery will involve.

Jul 12, 2021
Dr. Steven Gerndt, MD
I was very impressed with the overall attitude of the entire staff, including the receptionist, nurse and everyone else. They just were outstanding. I was treated with dignity, and respect, and everybody had a cheerful upbeat attitude.

Apr 12, 2021
Dr. Steven Gerndt, MD
I was very pleased with all the people I was working with in Dr. Gerndt office. Okay. Thank you. Have a good day.

Nov 16, 2020
Dr. Steven Gerndt, MD
My visit was perfect. I just wish I get written instructions. So I don't have to recall everything a little more detailed written instructions. The instructions were good, but pretty over. over God I don't know how to say it, right. It just includes everything. So like he told me to wait 6 to8 weeks to follow up follow up immediately, but be nice to have that in writing that be my only feedback otherwise my visit was perfect. I feel real confident in the decisions and you did include me with my decision. Thanks, Dr. Gerndt.

Oct 12, 2020
Dr. Steven Gerndt, MD
Frankly, it was a wasted appointment. Everything let's discuss and concluded could've been done over the phone or by teleconference. Thank you.