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Dec 4, 2023
I've been treated at the Woods Myers group several times . Each has gone very well and I feel I have been treated like a good friend. However, this last visit was ever better. My dentist was not only his usual mix of professional and personal self; he sometimes sang softly along to the Christmas carols being played. Very calming. I always recommend this group.

Nov 27, 2023
Was petrified due to the fact we had a mix up in communication. I was supposed to have anesthesia but we miscommunicated with each other. NO one’s fault. Just one of those things. Anyway, I did not want to postpone the surgery and we went ahead with only local numbing. I told both Assistant Kristin and Dr. Gaus that it take extra medication to make me numb. He proceeded and anytime I felt any pain Dr. Gaus immediately gave me another injection… I believe that process went on 3 times. While waiting for me to get really numb Dr. Gaus went in to see other patients and Assistant Kristin was constantly busy getting things prepped for the Doctor while making sure that I was ok. Well, Dr. Gaus and Assistant Kristen were both so great that I ended up getting a molar out and an implant in another area. I will need another implant after this one heals and I won’t be afraid of the pain as I know both Dr. Gaus and Assistant Kristin will make sure I am ok!!!!!!! They really took good care of me!!!!

Nov 22, 2023
Very good 👍 thank you

Nov 19, 2023
a very good job bleeding stopped quick no pain able to then light to regular food

Nov 17, 2023
Great staff. Quick and easy process.

Nov 17, 2023
Friendly and helpful

Nov 16, 2023
Quick check in, courteous staff from back to front and quality care!

Nov 9, 2023
Post surgery went very well. No pain or discomfort. Surgeon and staff were friendly. In and out in a timely manner.

Nov 8, 2023
Everything went smooth everyone was really nice. Smooth process really.

Nov 8, 2023
Far more different experience than the original Id take my kids there as well; professionals

Nov 8, 2023
Very accommodating, staff was professional and Dr Gaus was so nice to talk to.

Nov 6, 2023
Fast and also very detailed with information

Nov 3, 2023
Pleasant experience with radiology technician and Doctor. Doctor was very quick.

Nov 3, 2023
I appreciated that the doctor called me the same night of my procedure to check in with me.

Nov 2, 2023

Oct 31, 2023
Very helpful schedulers

Oct 31, 2023
Dr. Arya and the entire staff were awesome as usual. They put me at ease and explained everything that would be done during the procedure. They called me twice to check in and see how I was doing!

Oct 28, 2023
Loved Dr. Smith and the the ladies that assisted him, there was no pressure to decide what I wanted to do in the future after the extractions, everyone was very personable and kind and I would definitely recommend them even with their practice being two hours away from my home. I will go back in the future if I need to.

Oct 28, 2023
Very simple and easy I was in and out under an hour for all four wisdom teeth.

Oct 18, 2023
Many thanks to you all and Dr. Gaus for his treatment of my dental injury. I really appreciated your office’s assistance and expertise

Oct 17, 2023
Excellent! I was able to make an appointment to have my broken tooth fixed.

Oct 15, 2023
Pretty much in and out. Painless. They were very helpful and courteous. Thanks for a good experience.

Oct 14, 2023
Pleasant consultation

Oct 14, 2023
It was easy to schedule as a new patient. The staff person who took my call was very polite and helpful.

Oct 14, 2023

Sep 26, 2023
We have a first time experience, looks good

Sep 26, 2023
only have had the paperwork/scheduling experience thus far.

Sep 24, 2023
I will always only trust Dr. Arya with my dental plan. He’s a qualified oral surgeon who is very bright and accomplished. You can tell on your consult that he presents the best oral plan for you. Dr Arya is very polite and answers your questions. He treats clients with the utmost respect. Four Stars for him.

Sep 23, 2023
Pleasant & helpful customer service

Sep 17, 2023
Great staff, great facility and overall great experience. Thank you!!

Sep 15, 2023
Great. Looking forward to a professional teeth pulling of my upper remaining 6 basically front teeth to prepare me for my full upper denture. Don't look forward to it but its time, Thank you.

Sep 15, 2023
I talked to office staff, being referred to by Dr. Jeff Kearns. I did not receive the paperwork in an e-mail for new patient yet. Mrs. Debbie Brandt - son Michael Brandt

Sep 14, 2023
Excellent staff. Very personable and professional. My outcomes were excellent. Dr Gaus called me in the evening to check in with me.

Sep 9, 2023
On time, pleasant, informative

Sep 8, 2023
Everyone from the first person that answered the phone has been outstanding. I would definitely recommend to my family and friends.

Sep 7, 2023
Brenda was so kind and helpful. It is so difficult to get help and customer service these days. Brenda was knowledgeable.

Aug 31, 2023
Everyone was wonderful! And I was a nervous wreck. Leslie was the sweetest, so professional and so kind! She is a gem!

Aug 28, 2023
Great customer service

Aug 26, 2023
I am getting grate care

Aug 22, 2023
Fast an very nice

Aug 22, 2023
Fast, professional, timely and overall a great experience.

Aug 16, 2023
The staff is very friendly and courteous, My 10 yr old son felt comfortable with the consultation and isn't dreading the upcoming visit

Aug 15, 2023
Everything was great buttttt i did have to wait… my appointment was at 1:00 … the doctor didnt see me intil 2:00…. I know they had to read xrays etc….. sooo i was sooo glad i had kept a magazine to look at while i waited… i wish i would have taken 2…… encourage your patients to take a magazine with them…

Aug 15, 2023
Quick and thorough phone scheduling experience

Aug 15, 2023
Fast and easy!

Aug 15, 2023

Aug 15, 2023
This was 2nd time we visited them. I went in for my tooth extraction about 6 years back and had awesome experience. This time it was my daughter who needed extraction and they took good care of her. Called that evening and next morning to check on her. No issues at all.

Aug 8, 2023
First impression......organized, competent. Very reassuring. Awesome

Aug 3, 2023
Quick, to the point, and got it taken care of! The assistant was patient and covered the details nicely! She was spot on in her roll with the extraction! Totally impressed by her professionalism! Nice place, Will Highly Recommend to others!

Aug 2, 2023
Very kind, helpful, and accommodating