Dr. Vaun Archibald, DO


1072 N Liberty St , Ste 203

Boise, ID 83704 Directions

(208) 302-5800


4.8 out of 5

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Mar 26, 2024
Muy buena sobre todo en mi idioma muchas gracias

Feb 20, 2024
We love Dr. Archibald!

Feb 19, 2024
The nurse didn’t seem to out enough Vaseline on the diaper, so when we got home and took the dip we off, it his newly circumcised site got stuck, and began to bleed quite a bit. This caused us a lot of panic. Luckily Dr Archibald had told us what to do if that happened overall I think it could be absolutely been avoided had the nurse been more aware about the location and amount of Vaseline

Jan 23, 2024
We LOVE Dr. Archibald and have for years. Keep up the amazing work with our kiddos!

Jan 11, 2024
We were a late for our appointment, and I felt awful about that bc I know it pushes the office behind. Dr Archibald and his team were very understanding and accommodating. That is very helpful, especially as a first time parent, trying to figure out how long it takes to leave the house with an infant

Jan 4, 2024

Dec 11, 2023
We would highly recommend Dr. Archibald.

Dec 5, 2023
He is matter of fact and caring at the same time. Always relieves her stress of coming in and makes her feel important and heard. Explains things to her in a way she accepts. Couldn’t be happier with Dr Archibald!

Nov 28, 2023
El Doctor Archibaldi nos encanta siempre hace sentir a mis hijos seguros y sin miedo a ir al doctor.

Nov 17, 2023
My daughter is a bit tough and he is fabulous with her!

Nov 14, 2023
Dr. Archibald is the best pediatrician, he is the only reason we still come to St. Als.

Nov 8, 2023
He was great! Answered all our questions, gave us great medical advice and was so friendly and my baby loved him

Oct 31, 2023
Love that he always reminds my kids of the body's basic needs, sleep, water, exercise, eat healthy and kind things for others.

Oct 17, 2023
My daughter asked for a female to do the private portion and that was not granted.

Oct 16, 2023
Thank you

Aug 30, 2023
Many thanks for taking such good care of our children! - [name]

Aug 27, 2023

Aug 26, 2023
I loved the visit. Everything was excellent I can say.

Aug 9, 2023
Dr. Archibald is phenomenal with my kids. He engages them and makes the visit less intimidating

Jul 24, 2023
already provided in other section.

Jul 23, 2023
I like everything very much

Jul 8, 2023
Always a good experience

Jun 20, 2023
Love Dr Archibald!!!

Jun 16, 2023
Dr. Archibald has always been a very caring and thorough provider.

Jun 10, 2023
Excelente proveedor Excelente trato