Dr. Timothy Allen Johnson, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology

19000 St. Joe's Parkway, Suite 210

Livonia, MI 48152 Directions

(734) 655-8250


4.9 out of 5

116 verified ratings

116 Ratings, 32 Comments

Apr 1, 2024
I feel grateful that my PCP referred me to such a great doctor.

Mar 25, 2024
See you next year!

Mar 13, 2024
I have been with Doctor Johnson for over 20 years. He is a caring and knowledgeable doctor.

Feb 28, 2024
No one has ever talked to me a genetic counseling. Love the idea.

Feb 26, 2024
Dr Johnson took time to listen, he was thorough and took time to explain his thoughts and next steps. He is very transparent with his thoughts and I appreciate that as I work in healthcare myself. He has always been respectful and makes me feel comfortable. Great bedside manner. Great doctor.

Feb 21, 2024
I trust Dr.Johnson, he seems like he cares about the patient.

Feb 2, 2024
Before being asked to disrobe, Dr. Johnson came in to talk. What a wonderful idea. I felt like I had his full attention instead of feeling rushed during an appointment.

Jan 24, 2024
Dr Johnson is attentive and patient offering explanations about medication and treatment.

Dec 4, 2023
I was so anxious but Dr Johnson put me at ease & was amazing

Dec 4, 2023
One of my favorite doctors in my lifetime so far. He is confident and knows his stuff! I trust my with my life and my families.

Nov 28, 2023
Fantastic experience

Nov 28, 2023
Dr Johnson is such a good dr, I wish he was a primary physician

Nov 24, 2023
Great place.

Nov 11, 2023
The whole staff is just amazing

Oct 17, 2023
Keeps on top of test results. Called me immediately with abnormal results

Oct 5, 2023
Dr. Johnson leaves a lasting impression, as a great doctor.

Sep 30, 2023
Wonderful staff been seeing Dr.Johnson since 1995

Sep 28, 2023
The best!

Sep 18, 2023
Dr. Johnson is the best!

Aug 29, 2023
He’s the best

Aug 24, 2023
Love the people who work there. Very helpful and quick to respond

Aug 22, 2023
Great Excellent!!

Aug 15, 2023
He just needs to be more gentle when he’s checking females out down there.

Aug 10, 2023
Caring and thorough with teaching and planning future appointments and exams/tests.

Aug 8, 2023
Excellent I suggest everybody

Aug 6, 2023
Great doctor and helpful staff. The best of both worlds. I send regards.

Aug 6, 2023
He was amazing!

Jul 28, 2023
I'm very happy with this provider and trust him implicitly.

Jun 27, 2023
I look forward to working with Dr.Johnson.

Jun 27, 2023
Dr. Johnson is very kind and gentle. He is never rushed an takes time to discuss all your concerns

Jun 22, 2023
Dr Johnson is the best. My sister, daughter a d i all use him. Over 27 years now.

Jun 21, 2023
Dr.johnson gave the me prescription,and it correct the problem