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4.7 out of 5

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Apr 18, 2022
You have an amazing staff. Everyone was so knowledgeable.

Apr 15, 2022
Very routine - good.

Apr 14, 2022
She is a new Ob/GYN for me because my previous doc for 32 years retired. I am extremely satisfied with my new doc at IHA.

Apr 7, 2022
Great experience

Feb 15, 2022
I love Dr. Martin and honestly wish I chose her sooner as my OBGYN. She's very respectful and she listens to all my concerns and makes me feel included like I have a voice and an actual say so in what goes on. She just has a glow to her. Walks into the room with so much positivity and good vibes. She's just amazing I'll recommend her to everyone.

Jan 31, 2022
Dr was nearly an hour late, which was ok I understood. She apologized right away. She was very pleasant and friendly as it was our first time meeting and I was nervous. I didn't know about the urine test so I drank water after my visit and stayed in waiting are until I was ready to leave a sample. I left it in the restroom near the waiting room and informed the receptionist. I got a phone call that they could not use the sample and a msg on MyChart that only a 'tube' was left. Very confused. Now I need to leave another one. I live an hour away. I asked if I could leave one while I am in town for an ultrasound on the 8th and they said it was fine.

Jan 28, 2022
The provider was everything I could have asked for. She was so sweet and caring, and apologetic when her schedule was behind. She was gentle and transparent about the steps she was taking and the things she was seeing. I admit I have not been to a gynecologist in longer than I should have, but I will be making all of my future appointments with Dr. Martin.

Jan 27, 2022
The nurse was very rushed, but I think it was a very busy day. Dr. Martin, however, took her time with me and answered all my questions and concerns. She's a wonderful, warm, and empathetic person and I'm so glad she's my OB during this more challenging pregnancy.

Jan 22, 2022
I absolutely love how Dr Martin works with me. She listens to my questions and explains everything that's going on while it is going on. I have had this procedure done several times in the past but she still kept me informed during the entire process. She also made sure that I was completely comfortable and pain free. I have never had one of these procedures without pain. When I have to do this procedure again I will definitely ask for her to do it. My only criticism is that she is that she moves very quickly between patients. She is all business. I don't have any problems or concerns about rushing visits or procedures. She just appears to rush into the visit, do what she needs to do, and then rushes out. I would describe it like a bee pollinating flowers. She lands on a flower, does her thing, and then immediately moves to the next. She never looks tired or overwhelmed... But she is definitely a busy bee. I give Dr Martin a 10/10!

Jan 22, 2022
Dr. Tamika Martin made sure I was comfortable and she reviewed my chart prior to walking in, she took her time and answered all necessary questions and even followed up with the U of M specialist. Very thorough and I will be coming back to see her.

Dec 22, 2021
Grateful that provider was able to see me on short notice.

Nov 23, 2021
I thought *Dr. Martin was fabulous & plan to schedule with her again in the future.

Nov 22, 2021
*Dr. Martin explained cause & resolution to my problem. SHe established good rapport quickly. I felt very comfortable speaking with her. I will definitely see her again. I was also very satisfied with my acre by *Dr. D. over the years.

Nov 8, 2021
When considering/offering treatment. Ask if the patient is comfortable with treatment plan before ordering medication.

Oct 27, 2021
Dr. Martin was the best! She was very friendly and put me at ease. She answered all of my questions and made sure that I left with all of the information I needed to do what is best for my health and wellbeing.

Oct 22, 2021
I waited almost an hour for the doctor. About half way into the wait I stuck my head out the door and said 'hello.' A nurse or assistant came and said she was behind and asked if I needed anything. Dr. Martin was very apologetic and explained there were emergencies. Everyone understands being behind because of emergencies, but please keep the patient informed everything 10-20 minutes.

Sep 30, 2021
My experience is always a good experience when I go to see my OBGYB Doctor.

Sep 28, 2021
Dr. Martin was great. This was my first visit with her and it was fantastic to have a dr ask about my sexual health and actually listen to me about my concerns and not dismiss them.

Sep 24, 2021
Everyone at the office is always wonderful! Dr. Martin was awesome, a great addition to the staff.

Sep 23, 2021
The provided was a very caring pleasant doctor. I've never had problems at this office.

Sep 16, 2021
I really appreciated Dr Martin's care and attention to me during the appointment

Sep 16, 2021
First time meeting and she was lovely. Good bedside manner and very informative.

Aug 30, 2021

Aug 26, 2021
Wonderful , helpful and a good person

Aug 25, 2021
Waited for one hour to be exact in the room before the doctor came in to see me. The doctor spent not even 10 minutes with me and left after prescribing a few tests and medicines. I wasn't given any explanation of the new medicine that was being prescribed to me. Can not wait for an hour to be seen. Iha js so particular about turn around time. What happened now?

Aug 24, 2021
First visit to this provider. It was nice to have cloth gowns and sheets provided for exam.