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Aug 10, 2023
I thought that Dr. Karl Tiara was very patient, was not rushed and was professional throughout the entire visit. He also listened to my questions and thoroughly went through my medical history after transitioning from a different PCP. I am happy that I have Dr. Tiara as my PCP and he followed up quickly! Thank you.

Jul 19, 2023
Dr Taira my kind of doctor, thoughtful and considerate, does not just jump to standard response. Considers medication adjustment, bloodwork, referral to specialist and complete approach to your condition. Very pleased.

Jul 19, 2023
Dr. Taira and staff were very courteous and respectful. Dr. Taira was amazing and very thorough in his concerns and explanations. By far, the best care that I can ever recall having received from ANY medical staff ANYWHERE else. A huge shoutout and thank you to Dr Taira!

Jul 14, 2023
First visit to this office and it was great.

Jul 12, 2023
Dr Tiara and nurse were great.

Jul 4, 2023
Excellent connection with Dr Taira exploring my issues and discussing the steps to take and follow up. Not easy with multiple issues.

Jun 30, 2023
Dr. Taira is wonderful.

Jun 21, 2023
Everyone was excellent

Jun 9, 2023
Extremely satisfied with my visit. Doctor is very sympathetic with my issues and gave practical advice to treat it. Very lucky to have Doctor like that. Thanks

Jun 7, 2023
I felt better seeing the doc this time as I feel he will actually listen and not preach. After all this is my body and I am very aware of my conditions. He takes me seriously and doesn’t brush me off.

Jun 6, 2023
All were great

May 22, 2023
Dr. Taira is a wonderful doctor. He is not rushed.He takes time with you. He seems deeply involved and cares about your health and about you. I highly recommend him to anyone.

May 17, 2023
Everything went well.

May 16, 2023
Dr. Taira is very personable. He remembers things about me and engages with me like a friend would.

May 12, 2023
Doctor Tiara is the best doctor i have had as an adult he is friendly but firm and tells me what I need to hear. He has great skills as far as my treatment and referrals go. His nursing staff are very kind very knowledgeable and very efficient and always smiling. A kind smile goes a long way when you are not feeling well. Overall Barnes primary west is a great choice and I would recommend it to anyone looking for great care.

May 4, 2023
Dr Taira was most welcoming, thorough and knowledgeable.

Apr 25, 2023
Staff and Doctor ate always attentive and friendly.

Apr 13, 2023
Doctor and staff all very nice.

Apr 5, 2023
Dr. Taira gave great care and instructions. Dr. Taira, made sure I was comfortable and not over exerted. I was given specific instructions on how to care for myself. And also when to return. My labs were looked at. My lungs and heart were examined. We also discussed the fluids that I retained, and how they can become an issue for my health. The doctor is phenomenally exceptional as well as thorough. His Dr. Taira has excellent and exceptional bedside manner. I highly recommend Dr. Taira he is a phenomenal physician!

Apr 2, 2023
Dr was clear about what I should do.

Mar 22, 2023
Everyone was very helpful Thru the process, as usual.

Mar 14, 2023
Dr. Karl Taira is a wonderful primary care provider who really cares about his patients health and he took his time to explain everything to me in a way I could understand.

Feb 8, 2023
Dr. Taira was considering all of the care options and determining what was best.

Feb 7, 2023
The doctor was very nice that's the way health care should be

Feb 6, 2023
I felt comfortable throughout the entire visit, being my initial visit for Dr. Karl Taira. I am very pleased and look forward to getting to know the staff.

Jan 25, 2023
I was very pleased with the doctor.

Jan 24, 2023
Dr. Taira is my new PCP and this was my first visit with him. I found him to be very personable and thorough regarding my medical history and any current issues.

Jan 20, 2023
The attitude of Dr Karl was outstanding

Jan 5, 2023
Nurse XXX & Dr Kiara were great in getting to know me as a new patient

Dec 21, 2022
The entire visit was excellent from knowledge base to the professionalism. Highly recommended

Dec 20, 2022
Both in person visits with Dr. Taira were excellent. He thought of many angles to address my issues and was respectful of my opinions. We are systematically looking for answers and I appreciate his time and attention

Dec 14, 2022
Dr. Taira is amazing. I'm so happy we found him as her new primary care provider.

Dec 13, 2022
Dr. Taira is so thorough and considerate. I felt he went above and beyond to provide care. Thank you.

Dec 9, 2022
All the staff and Dr. Tiara were very, very nice. I felt comfortable and cared for the entire time of my visit.

Dec 3, 2022
Dr Taira always takes his time listening and answering questions!

Dec 2, 2022
The DR was excellent and had a great demeanor

Nov 3, 2022
I loved that Dr. Taira was eager to try new things, and recommend action I could take on my own to relieve the discomfort I was in. My illness was long and complicated, and even when it took time to find the right treatment, I appreciated the immediate attempts to find relief. I felt that Dr. T listened to me when I told him a treatment wasn't working, which is important to me.

Oct 28, 2022
Dr Taira and PA were very accommodating even though I arrive late for my appointment. Both were very professional, friendly and respectful. Despite the shortness of the time due to my lateness, Dr Taira was very thorough and took very good care of me. I am very appreciative of Dr Taira and his staff.

Oct 28, 2022
Dr . Taira and his staff showed so much care at this first visit. Thank you.

Oct 14, 2022
Very happy with my visit and the follow up recommendations

Oct 13, 2022
I felt the doctor's ability to relate to my humanity while addressing my medical concerns was outstanding.

Oct 12, 2022
The doctor was excellent.

Oct 7, 2022
Dr Taira did an outstanding job in listening and asking the right questions about my medical history, as this was my 1st visit and interaction w him as a new patient. I was impressed. We talked thru a set of next steps that I am very comfortable with and that fit the concerns I brought to Dr.

Oct 3, 2022
Friendly. Professional, excellent environment

Sep 30, 2022
Great experience. Everyone was friendly and the doctor was clear and compassionate in his interaction and explained details. He made suggestions for testing and listened to my answers when reviewing history.

Sep 30, 2022
I was able to get an appointment the day after I called to schedule a physical. I arrived about ten minutes early, and was taken back, to the exam room after only 5 minutes. I have never had an appointment where the nurses, and doctor, were so prompt, with very little waiting time. My appointment was completed in about the amount of time that I was expecting to spend in the waiting room. The doctor took his time with me, and was very polite, and professional. The nurses were also very pleasant. I can't say enough good about how I was treated.

Sep 28, 2022
Scheduling is convenient and easy. The staff is nice and accommodating. I would definitely recommend Dr. Taira to my friends and family!

Sep 28, 2022
This was our first visit with Dr. Taira. He was extremely kind and patient with my daughter. She has special needs and can have a lot of anxiety at doctor's appointments. She really liked him so I know she won't have any fears for follow-up visits. He was knowledgeable and gave clear instructions for what her treatment plan will be. The office staff were kind and patient as well. The nurse moved us to a different exam room with a lower table when he realized she was scared of getting up on a regular exam table.