Sergio R. Collado, MD


Salt Lake City, UT Directions

4.7 out of 5

200 verified ratings

200 Verified Ratings

Dec 18, 2017
Very professional. I would recommend him to anyone. I think he's the best and that's why I go to KayDee because they have the best. Thank you.

Dec 7, 2017
Well I'm satisfied with… he's a patient… I really trust him he's a professional, and… I don't have nothing, nothing else to say about him, thank you.

Nov 28, 2017
Dr. Collado is great. He cares, he's worried about you as a person and it shows in how he cares for you.

Nov 21, 2017
Dr. Collado is a very, he's a great doctor. He - he's understanding, he's patient, he's kind, he understands everything and every question you ask him. He answers in a professional and caring way and I - I think he's a great doctor.

Nov 14, 2017
He's very caring, very professional and I wouldn't trust anybody else.

Nov 8, 2017
Dr. Collado is a very caring doctor and he will listen to you and take good care of you. Thank you.

Nov 6, 2017
Sergio Collado is the best cardio guy probably in America. Give him a lot of respect, he saved my life. He is the very, very best. Thank you.

Oct 19, 2017
He just seemed nice, really friendly and really easy to talk to. I was really pleased with his service.

Oct 10, 2017
Dr. Collado's been a good and caring doctor. Provided for me for many years. I recommend him to most people.

Oct 3, 2017
He is a great person to discuss everything that you need to know, and he is very nice to deal with. I think he's the greatest.

Sep 13, 2017
I thought he was wonderful, and I don't think there's anything he could have done to be better, and I really will come to him again for a treatment. Hello?

Sep 6, 2017
I was pleased with the attention that they gave me. Thank you.

Aug 23, 2017
I think that he's a very good provider. He saved my life 2 times now. So… saving my life is a great and wonderful thing.

Aug 22, 2017
He's friendly, he's knowledgeable, he cares about you, he makes sure everything is understood before you leave. He walks you to the desk and sets you up for another appointment. He's a really nice doctor and I really like him.

Jul 17, 2017
He was very, very good. He left a lot of things that I had, that needed answered, he answered them, and I was completely satisfied with the whole experience. Thank you.

Jul 17, 2017
I felt very good about my visit with Dr. Collado and he was very well informed and he took time to deal with my problem and also wanted to make sure he was doing the right things and putting a heart monitor on me for a period of time before they decided what needed to be done to take care of my problem.

Jun 8, 2017
My grandchildren would like to say thank you to Dr. Sergio Collado and Dr. Connor for saving their grandfather's life.

May 21, 2017
Well Dr. Collados office, he's such a great guy, personable, caring, on top of things. I think he's kept me alive between him and his partner Scott that works there. They've done a good job with me. I'm still breathing. But they're professional, they're exactly what you'd hope to get in a way of a doctor and the care that comes not only from them but the staff. Their entire staff is professional, kind. It's just always a pleasant experience when you come there. And I'm just thankful that I have Dr. Callado and his staff to take care of me. Alright, wild baby checking out. Bye.

May 14, 2017
Dr. Collado is always very polite and concerned about your condition, and what has happened to you between the visit and then he'll give you his advice of what he thinks and I appreciate that. Thank you.

May 7, 2017
Dr. Collado and all of his staff had amazing bedside manner.

May 7, 2017
Very pleased with everything the doctor did and would recommend him to my family and friends. Got the questions answered I wanted answered. Thank you.

May 7, 2017
I was just telling you I don't know what you heard what I said or not but anyway when I got to the appointment on Monday I had been verified on Friday that I had an appointment it was cancelled on the computer. No one knew who cancelled it, no one knew why it was cancelled, no one called me and that put the doctor at a point where he had to rush to fit me in. The girls were all very nice but I think I'd like to know how this system works. How these people move the appointment around and not call the customer. They were flustered I was flustered and it was a very bad experience. So that was a very bad experience and it seems like more and more pulmonary just about the same I had an appointment in May no you don't have it in May you have it in June. The whole heart section is kind of scrambled.

Apr 25, 2017
Dr. Collado handled things very well, answered my questions, he was very responsive, knew my family history, knew my history, and I've already recommended people to go to him, and go to Intermountain health care, the heart specialist. Thank you.

Apr 19, 2017
Dr. Collado was very, very knowledgeable, very patient. He's very thorough, he's just an excellent doctor. Also his assistant, which is I believe Jensen, don't remember his first name, Mike Jensen maybe. They were both very, very good, not good, excellent, excellent doctors. I appreciated having them. I'm glad you have them on your staff working for you. They're really a benefit to the cardiology department. I was just thoroughly pleased with the way they treated me and the work they've done.

Apr 17, 2017
I was able to see the PA. I did not see the doctor this time. So, it was the PA that I had to visit with. Thank you.

Apr 6, 2017
He saved my life. I mean, I have gone through open heart surgery 7 … stents put in my heart. He saved my life and I think the world of him. Thank you.

Mar 29, 2017
I've been going to Dr. Collado for quite awhile now. I'm very satisfied with his knowledge and with his telling me what's wrong and what I need to do. And I wouldn't consider going to anybody else. I think he's great with what he does. And I feel very lucky to have him as my cardiologist. Thank you.

Mar 28, 2017
He answers my questions.

Mar 20, 2017
"Yes, I have seen the doctor Sergio Collado on all of my visits to him in the past several years and he has done angiograms on me a few times and put a stint in my heart which worked out great but this was the first time that I went to their office up in Bear River Valley Hospital which is closer to me compared to Ogden which is about a 45 minute drive. So I went up and I actually seen his physicians assistant, Scott Jensen, and this was the first time I met with him and talked to him and he was very courteous and my blood pressure was very high and, you know, he took ."

Mar 13, 2017
I think he's very intelligent and he cared about people that come in there and he's very knowledgeable. That's it.

Nov 27, 2016
Very good doctor. Knows what he is doing.

Nov 25, 2016
Good care. They took good care of me.

Nov 17, 2016
He's very intelligent and knows what he's doing. I'm impressed with him, have been going to him for quite a while. I have congestive heart failure and he's right on top of things.

Nov 17, 2016
He is great. He cares.

Nov 14, 2016
I think he's a very good doctor, and he takes very good care of me, and I have no complaints.

Nov 13, 2016
I just think he's personable and takes the time to listen to what you worry about. He just helps you to be calm. If you have a problem, he says oh we can take care of that. I appreciate him. I usually feel better just by talking to him.

Nov 13, 2016
Well I haven't been to him a lot of time but I have been several times. I like him, he takes his time

Nov 7, 2016
I have been with him for nine years, and I like him. He is knowledgeable.

Nov 7, 2016
I think he's very personable and I'm really happy with the service he provides.

Nov 7, 2016
I would not go to anybody else for what he is doing to me.

Nov 2, 2016
He is a heart doctor for my wife and I and he seems to be very concerned and works with us to see what we have problems with.

Nov 2, 2016
He's the very best care provider for cardio. He's the most knowledgeable and most skilled.

Nov 2, 2016
I think he's a great doctor. I've had him for years now and he is very understanding and very professional.

Nov 1, 2016
I wished he knew more, I wish there was another way to test the heart to see if it is blocked besides using the dye but I guess he doesn't.

Oct 27, 2016
He seems to be professional. He was on top of reading my results and getting them back to me as soon as possible, so I knew what was going on.

Oct 27, 2016
He is a really good heart doctor. He knows what he is talking about.

Oct 17, 2016
Very knowledgeable and does the best he can to help resolve whatever is bothering you.

Oct 16, 2016
I think he's a fine doctor. He takes his time, he doesn't rush us.

Oct 16, 2016
I have been very satisfied with him. I think he's done a good job.

Oct 16, 2016
I think he's a great doctor.