Dr. Supraja Reddy, MD

Medical Specialties

11155 Dunn Road, Suite 109N

St. Louis, MO 63136 Directions



4.7 out of 5

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Feb 27, 2024
I believe Dr. Reddy is extraordinary!

Feb 9, 2024
This was my first visit to the facility in Edwardsville and with Dr Reddy…. I felt very comfortable with the Dr and at the facility. I am very grateful that Dr Reddy is willing to come to the Southern Illinois area.

Feb 9, 2024
Dr. Reddy was super nice and made sure I understood everything.

Feb 8, 2024
I really and truly have no complaints!

Feb 8, 2024
Dr. Reddy saved me a substantial amount of money by switching my drugs

Feb 3, 2024
The staff and Doctor Reddy were extraordinary. They were very kind, friendly. And helpful.

Jan 31, 2024
The doctor and staff were excellent

Jan 26, 2024
Overall I was a satisfied patient

Jan 16, 2024
Everyone was good at their job.

Jan 10, 2024
Dr. Reddy is excellent.

Jan 9, 2024
All were very friendly.

Dec 20, 2023
Dr. Reddy surpassed my expectations on the level of care and expertise that she provided. I had seen my previous endocrinologist for years until his retirement, so I was quite pleased with her approach.

Dec 20, 2023
Everyone that helped me went above and beyond. They are should get a gold star.

Dec 20, 2023
As a new patient. I was very happy with the short wait time. Everyone I encountered was very helpful.

Dec 10, 2023
Everyone was very helpful and kind

Dec 6, 2023
The staff and Doctor helped to make me feel comfortable and at ease.

Dec 5, 2023
Dr Reddy is an excellent caregiver that truly cares about her patients

Nov 21, 2023
My wait time both in he waiting room and exam room was minimal.

Nov 17, 2023
I feel Dr Reddy is extraordinary!!! She is kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable.

Nov 16, 2023
The whole team was excellent

Nov 10, 2023
Dr. Reddy is extraordinary in my opinion. It's nt very often that a patient goes to every extent to make progress in their treatment because of great admiration for the doctor. I KNOW DR. REDDY IS LOOKING OUT FOR ME AS A PATIENT, SHE SHOWS THAT MUCH CONCERN.

Oct 11, 2023
The whole team gets an Excellant !

Oct 9, 2023
[Staff] and Dr Reddy Herself all exceptional and went above and beyond the call of duty, in My opinion. Professional yet pleasant..I just felt very comfortable with each of them.

Sep 29, 2023
Dr Reddy is SUPER! I’m very glad to be her patient!!

Sep 29, 2023
Dr. Reddy is very concerned about your health and will do everything to get you back on track, she spends the time to make sure you understand what you should do next for your self care and to stay healthy with having diabetes.

Sep 29, 2023
Dr Supraja Reddy, the desk clerk, and the medical assistant who brought me to the exam room were all incredible. They were friendly, kind, and helpful.

Sep 14, 2023
Everybody was great

Sep 12, 2023
The whole staff made me feel like I was their number one priority.

Sep 1, 2023
Dr, Reddy explained everything so I could understand. She also drew on a piece of paper so I understood where my problem wasand what it could be. She also explained what is going to happen going forward. I left feeling that I had a doctor that cares.

Aug 30, 2023
Dr. Reddy is the best!! She is so nice and truly cares about me.

Aug 28, 2023
My Doctor is very nice and pleasant

Aug 24, 2023
Dr Reddy was frendly,prepared, and knowledgeable.

Aug 22, 2023
Dr. Reddy is very professional, kind, and friendly. I feel she is very competent.

Jul 19, 2023
I'm mom and guardian of an adult with Down Syndrome and I love this clinic for his needs. Dr. Reddy speaks to him and makes sure he understands his visits.

Jul 12, 2023
Dr Reddy is the best

Jul 10, 2023
Both Dr. Reddy and my MA were wonderful. Dr. Reddy was able to get my results printed for all my labs so I could take them to my outside gynecologist for continuity of my care. They always get back to me ASAP when I message a concern with my blood sugars.

Jul 1, 2023
All of the staff at the Edwardsville facility are awesome to work with. Dr. Reddy offers clear and concise medical advice. She is genuinely concerned about keeping her patients well.

Jun 28, 2023
The doctor was very excellent she explain things so i could understand about my condition.

Jun 27, 2023
Dr. Reddy herself was very good in explaining my concerns and tests results.

Jun 2, 2023
The doctor was very courteous and friendly and explained my condition and what the plan for my treatment would be to cure me.

May 4, 2023
Dr. Reddy was her USUAL courteous, caring, attentive professional.

Apr 27, 2023
Dr. Reddy is excellent, kind, caring, and compassionate. Her staff are cheerful, caring and helpful. Wonderful office..

Apr 26, 2023
Everyone was very courteous and that made quite an impression on me