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Apr 11, 2024
Thank you for having her. Rachel Graves is wonderful.

Apr 9, 2024
Rachael Graves was so calm and kind to my daughter and me during our appointment. She made a great first impression!

Apr 4, 2024
Rachel is a very positive person and informed about my situation. She answers my questions and has useful info and advice

Apr 4, 2024
Rachel Graves has been fundamental in my mental health care. She really listens to everything I have to say and includes me in all decisions. You have a real gem in her.

Apr 4, 2024
Great service and and amazing staff

Mar 28, 2024
Very good bedside manor

Mar 28, 2024
She asked a lot of questions in order to understand my concerns/problems. She was clearly a good listener as well as was evidenced by her follow up questions. She is comforting but maintains her professionalism.

Mar 26, 2024
Rachel Graves made feel completely comfortable with her I like her very she is awesome I will recommend her

Mar 21, 2024
She is super sweet and offered her help in any way possible

Mar 20, 2024
The whole staff in the psych dept makes me feel comfortable. They are friendly, professional & efficient. Rachel makes me feel like a person & genuinely cares for my mental health. She remembers details about me & makes me feel safe to share them. I appreciate her thoroughness & ability to ease my concerns and include me in my treatment plans. I never feel pressured, neglected, or confused. All of my questions are answered & I leave feeling confident in my care team & the decisions we make together.

Mar 11, 2024
When I went for my appointment. They were very attentive and asked me questions to see how I am doing and feeling. They were very caring.

Mar 4, 2024
Miss Graves always listen to my health concern without judgement in her speech and demeanor. She is able to explain and work with me in developing a plan of care that does not diminishes my right as a patient to decide.

Feb 21, 2024
Rachel, you’re awesome! Keep up the great work

Feb 21, 2024
Rachel Graves is very pleasant and patient. My daughter enjoys their visits

Feb 15, 2024
We are good service. We asked questions and all our questions were answered

Feb 7, 2024
My provider is one of the kindest people I know. She makes me very comfortable and easy to talk to.

Feb 6, 2024
She was so kind and listened to everything I had to say

Jan 30, 2024
I just feel for being my first time with this provider they know how to make you feel welcome and it helps to calm you..

Jan 17, 2024
Would definitely recommend

Jan 11, 2024
Rachel Graves was very attentive, listened to me, and shared examples/knowledge of issues that directly applied to me. She exhibited a clear understanding of what I am experiencing and provided me with information on how to educate myself further about my diagnosis. I left feeling hopeful about her suggested treatment plan. She was very approachable, and I am looking forward to working with her in the months/years to come.

Jan 11, 2024
I appreciate the time and care given and look forward to building trust.

Jan 10, 2024
Rachel Grave was amazing. She was easy to talked to and listened with sincerity

Jan 10, 2024
Rachel Graves and the front office staff are always kind, and I have nothing but praise for them.

Dec 29, 2023
Rachel was very kind and listened to everything I had to say. she made me feel very comfortable talking to her given my current situation, and I am very thankful that she is helping me to get the help that I need

Dec 19, 2023
Rachel Graves NP is amazing. She really paid attention to everything I talked about, unlike most Shannon physicians. Sure was very easy to confide in and offered very sound and comforting advice. She deserves kudos.

Dec 16, 2023
The nurse practitioner was very compassionate and really took time to listen to me

Dec 9, 2023
Everyone was very nice. The doctor was very professional and understanding.

Nov 17, 2023
Couldn't of asked for a better provider

Nov 8, 2023
I have only yesterday been introduced to Rachel. She was very easy to talk to, and I felt very much at ease with her. We talked for a long time. However, this was our first meeting, and I would like to withhold any rating until our next meeting. I believe Rachel is very competent in her training and her experience. Thank you.

Oct 31, 2023
I felt listened to

Oct 26, 2023
Very good and very helpful and very nice.