Noah B. Saipe, MD

Ophthalmology, Cornea, Cataract, Refractive Surgery

Outlook Eyecare

100 Canal Pointe Blvd., Suite 100

Princeton, NJ 08540 Directions


5.0 out of 5

3 verified ratings

3 Verified Ratings

May 14, 2021
Honest and comprehensive

May 13, 2021
At the office it was efficient and professional. The preliminary paperwork using the prism system was poorly designed, very badly executed, and evidently did not get the information through to the front line staff because we were asked for prescription and pharmacy info that was submitted on April 8th a month earlier. We filled out eight pages, with some difficulty because the designer of the PDF form made information that was not applicable required. Consequently the sytem would not accept the form when submitted and lost the information we had carefully supplied. Starting over, we printed out the forms and submitted them by fax, and received confirmation that they were received. Two days before our appointment we received a second request for the very same information! The artificial intelligence was pretty damned dumb I'd say. We stuck with it because we are long time patients of OEC. I suspect that a new patient would question the professional competence of the practice given the clunky and impersonal way the intake was handled. Need I mention that all of the information was already in our existing records. Only and update or confirmation should have been necessary. When you fly and the seatback doesn't work, do you worry about the engine maintenance? The pilot?

Apr 30, 2021
My first time seeing Dr. Saipe. He was friendly, efficient, clear in his explanations and listened to my questions and answered them. Would definitely recommend him.