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4.9 out of 5

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Apr 19, 2024
Dr. Manguso is one of the most knowledgeable, kind and understanding provider we have. In fact, I have referred friends to him several times, and will continue to do so.

Apr 13, 2024
Dr. always answered my questions, drew pictures to Shaw me what needed to be done. Always gave me pros and cons of surgery. Offered other alternatives and let me make the decision.

Apr 11, 2024
Dr.Manguso is very knowledgeable about the health issues I've been facing and talks to my family and I with kindness and respect and explains everything very well.

Apr 1, 2024
All care was outstanding.

Mar 29, 2024
Dr Manguso was very direct and informative in explaining the surgery. Was very comfortable with him. I left feeling very comfortable with the decision not to have surgery. Would recommend him to anyone.

Mar 22, 2024
Dr. Manguso is always so kind. He was so thorough and answered all of my questions. You can really tell that he cares about you and enjoys what he does. I'd highly recommend him to anyone I know in the future.

Mar 11, 2024
Yes his kindness, respect and always included my family in my medical decisions without question. Always made sure i understood my lab and my [ ]. Also any medication that I was required to take for my illness. He is an outstanding Doctor. medication.

Mar 8, 2024
Excellent Professional

Mar 7, 2024
He told me things in a way I understood. He also drew pictures so I understood what could be wrong. Although he's a lot better dr. than artist.

Feb 29, 2024
The whole visit was outstanding! Dr Manguso was beyond outstanding!

Feb 26, 2024
Doctor Manguso is very kind and very professional

Feb 20, 2024
Was very quick to order tests and procedures to advance treatment

Feb 16, 2024
Showing us [ ] and explaining what we were seeing.

Feb 2, 2024
Dr.Manguso treated me and my family with respect. Explained everything in a way we all understood. And was kind, patient, and very professional he knows his stuff! Thank you!

Feb 2, 2024
Explained everything in easy, understandable language. Explained he was part of [ ] review group, had a ton of knowledge including procedures processes not in his specialty. Put he very much at ease.

Feb 1, 2024
Yes Dr Manguso did an excellent job explaining what was found. He also went into detail about various results that could come back after an [ ]. The information he gave me was very helpful.

Jan 29, 2024
His constant communication

Jan 12, 2024
The advice and treatment schedule and the personal at both Renown, and North s. Medical Center

Jan 5, 2024
His overwhelming interest in the quickest of me getting the best care for my [ ]. He has gotten me into my appointments ASAP so I can start my procedure. He returns and responds to my phone calls and concerns immediately. Dr. Mangusco is a Surgeon and Doctor of EXCELLENCE and I'm so Grateful for his time, care and patience. Thanks so much for having him on your staff at Renown I will always be appreciative of his service. He is fighting tooth and nails to do everything in his power to SAVE my Life. I truly thank Dr. Mangusco. Thanks [ ]

Dec 26, 2023
Made me feel like they cared.

Dec 15, 2023
His knowledge and professionalism with my care.

Dec 8, 2023
I believe the medical service I received was the best , and how well the they solved the problems and they were a few

Nov 30, 2023
I definitely appreciate the fact that Dr. Mangusco seems to be very genuine and very interested in how he and his team can help to rectify my health issues. Wouldn't trade my physicians for the world. Thanks as always

Nov 29, 2023
Relaxed and informative interaction.

Nov 27, 2023
He explained my condition with honesty and solutions. He is a very kind and caring doctor. When I was there for my last visit he gave me good news, and I even wanted to hug him.

Nov 4, 2023
Manguso changed the course of my cancer treatment from what I expected, he gave very a compelling discussion on the reasons why.

Oct 19, 2023
Knowledge, experience, and diagnostic expertise to do a very thorough evaluation of illness and potential causes. Took lead on follow up of [ ] after hospital discharge.

Sep 25, 2023
Very good Doc, good at explaining things

Sep 18, 2023
Very good at explaining what was expected of me preparing for procedure and what I should expect from member of hospital staff while my stay there and it was very good care. The besy

Sep 15, 2023
Dr Mancuso was very clear in all explanations.

Sep 14, 2023
I loved that the Dr showed me images as we talked. He also reviewed a prior scan from 2013- that impressed me.

Sep 13, 2023
Any questions my husband and I had about my surgery and post care were answered thoroughly.Dr. Manguso really cares about his patients. We caught this in time and I am doing well. Both Dr. Mancuso and his partner were a big help to us. My [ ] was cured because of them.

Sep 11, 2023
Very pleased with his knowledge of cancer and treatment, made me feel like things were going to be ok

Sep 11, 2023
Takes the job seriously

Aug 31, 2023
I felt seen, heard and valued throughout this process. Dr. Manguso listened intently before diagnosing or making recommendations. I felt involved in the

Aug 28, 2023
Yes, the way he explained my situation and he showed me he cared.

Aug 25, 2023
He explained all my options and made me feel that my healthcare was top priority

Aug 11, 2023
Overall a very good experience during a very difficult time.

Jul 24, 2023
Personable, informative, courteous and very thorough.

Jul 22, 2023
He kept his appointment and didn't keep me waiting like some other doctors. He was very polite and informative. I felt he cared about my health and wasn't in it only for the money. I really liked how professional he was. I'm glad he was my doctor

Jul 20, 2023
Dr. Manguso listened attentively to my and my wife's questions/concerns for my upcoming surgery and reduced or eliminated our anxieties. I fully trust Dr. Manguso with my healthcare.

Jul 6, 2023

Jun 8, 2023
the way the doctor treated me.the knowledege he had in refernce to the medication he gave.

Jun 1, 2023
quick response to questions and explanations

Jun 1, 2023
Dr. Manguso's patience, and taking the time to explain everything thoroughly.

May 24, 2023
the whole experience

Apr 20, 2023
Just being very professional

Apr 14, 2023
Dr. Manguso's professionalism, and thoroughness.

Apr 7, 2023
everything was outstanding, ma and him have no complaints

Mar 15, 2023
The attention from the doctor