Marcus K. Blackburn, MD


Salt Lake City, UT Directions

4.9 out of 5

200 verified ratings

200 Verified Ratings

Dec 18, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is great, he knows his stuff and he takes time to listen and provide information to help my child.

Dec 5, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is always very personable, very friendly and very happy. My kids feel like they have a friend in him, and are easily able to open up to him and talk to him and tell him things that are on their mind. He has a way of putting him at ease. They look forward to coming to his office. Thanks.

Dec 5, 2017
We love Dr. Blackburn. He's great with all 4 of my boys. I never feel unsatisfied with any of our visits.

Dec 4, 2017
I love that every time we see him he's always happy upbeat and optimistic.

Nov 26, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is by far our favorite doctor of any that we've ever seen. I've tried different clinics that are closer to us just for convenience and we always end up coming straight back to Dr. Blackburn because he is so interactive, he takes so much personal time with us, my kids love him, he makes them laugh, and he is just fabulous in every single way. He is worth the drive and the inconvenience of getting up to the third floor and all of that just because he is so wonderful. So I wanted to leave that feedback. He is by far the best doctor. Anyway, thank you.

Nov 26, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is an amazing doctor who truly cares for his patients. He always listens to us and knows how to help us. And when we've had major surgery he always calls us to see if our kids are okay. Would recommend him in a heartbeat. Love Dr. Blackburn.

Nov 13, 2017
My kids were nervous about having their warts burned off and Dr. Blackburn was singing to them and being funny and put them at ease, and as we left, all of the kids said "we love coming to see Dr. Blackburn". I just think he's the greatest. I tell people all the time, we have the best pediatrician. He's quick, he's so thorough, he's upbeat, he's informative, he listens to me, he listens to the kids. He's just a fantastic doctor.

Nov 1, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is a great pediatrician, he is always helpful to answer my questions and my boys enjoy their visit, he's very thorough on checking everything that I ask about as well as the normal check up, thank you.

Oct 31, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is always very friendly and pays attention to the children that we are visiting about and answers listens well and answers my questions in a way that I can understand and relate to. And we always feel comfortable there and leave feeling valued. So thanks Dr. Blackburn.

Oct 8, 2017
I really liked that Dr. Blackburn took his time explaining things to me and answering my questions, and then when he asked what other questions to I have, he really made sure that we were taken care of and satisfied before he left the room. He was great with my son, and he made him feel very comfortable in the exam room.

Oct 4, 2017
I went through 2 pediatricians to find him. He makes me feel like I'm a great mom, in a world of mom shaming and he makes me feel like I'm not crazy when I bring my kids in.

Sep 24, 2017
Dr. Blackburn has always been very patient and fun with the kids. He makes them feel comfortable, and I really appreciate that he listens to me as their mother and is willing to work with me through expectations and concerns I might have instead of just ignoring my approach to things. So I really appreciate him a lot, and we are planning on staying with him for a long time.

Sep 20, 2017
He was very quirky and not everybody's type of personality. But he was very caring and I felt like he was a good doctor regardless of his strange personality.

Sep 5, 2017
Dr. Blackburn gives good, practical, common sense advice. I would recommend him highly to everyone.

Sep 5, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is the best pediatrician I have ever had, I would trust him over anybody else to take care of my children. I actually fly from Missouri just to see him for my children's well check ups, he is the best and we're so glad we have him.

Aug 16, 2017
I love how Dr. Blackburn explains to teenagers how their body goes through changes and prepares for a girl's period as a practice, period. The body's practicing at a young stage to be able to have babies when they're older, that the woman's body is very cool and but at her young age it's not yet her time to have babies so the women's cycle is just to help prepare the body for a later time. I love that he tells the kids that the internet lies to them and friends lie to them, and if they have questions regarding their body then they can trust their parents and talk to their parents about things.

Aug 13, 2017
I appreciated that even though Dr. Blackburn is not our regular pediatrician, he still did a very good job of putting my daughter's mind at ease. He came in and teased with her, and joked with her. Got down on her level, and not only did he speak to me, but he spoke to her and asked her if she had any questions, and I appreciate that he asked me if I had any questions. It wasn't just, "here's all the information, we'll see you later." It was, "here's what's going on, if you have any questions for me, what can I do to help you?" I feel that he was great at doing that.

Aug 2, 2017
As always Dr. Blackburn was amazing. He got us in right away. He addressed all my concerns, he called in prescriptions for us, my son's already doing better. We just love Dr. Blackburn, he says everything in a timely manner, while still making you feel like you are listened to and heard and given the attention you need.

Jul 25, 2017
We love Dr. Blackburn. He is always happy and helpful and always helps us with all the questions that we have. I've recommended him to many of my family and friends.

Jul 18, 2017
He was full of energy, very wise on what he was doing, you could tell that he loved kids, and the kids loved him. He was very fun, and very fun to talk to.

Jul 17, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is amazing. My child has never been scared to go to the doctor, because he knows he's not scary and he's always fun, and I recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Jul 12, 2017
I love that Dr. Blackburn took the time to explain to my teenage boy and pre teenage boy the dangers of pornography and the importance of coming to parents with any questions. He emphasized that the internet teaches us incorrect things and I really appreciate that he went over that as a medical professional. I think it impacted my boys more than just hearing it from me.

Jul 10, 2017
We have had Dr. Blackburn now for 5 years and have really appreciated his great care at all of our visits. Thank you, Dr. Blackburn.

Jul 5, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is so great. He always makes me feel like I'm a good mom and I'm doing my best, and he gives you the information he doesn't alarm you or make you feel like your kids going to die. He's very reassuring, but also tells it like it is, and I really appreciate it that.

Jun 20, 2017
I love how Dr. Blackburn comes into the room and immediately is excited and interested in my children, and talks to them like they are his best friends, and he's so excited to see them. It really helps the doctor patient relationship that he is so willing to connect with them every single time.

Jun 11, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is awesome. He takes time to listen and he cares about his patients.

Jun 7, 2017
We absolutely love Dr. Blackburn and all my kids beg to go see him at his office they just think he's so funny and… he really is wonderful wonderful doctor, and I'm a really paranoid mom and always worried about medication and prescriptions and, he takes so much time to explain things to me... I never feel like he's rushing me whatsoever. And he very quickly and accurately diagnosed my son had like a bowel obstructions or like a, he had backed up bowels and, he quickly diagnosed him and gave us... three day cleanse that worked really well and, just always super impressed with him and his knowledge and his... friendliness he's like the whole package for a doctor.

Jun 4, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is amazing with children. He always makes everybody feel comfortable. He knows his stuff, he is funny, he makes it comfortable, good person, good provider.

May 30, 2017
Dr. Blackburn was very knowledgeable. He loved the kids and interacted with them on a level they understood.

May 23, 2017
Love Dr. Blackburn, it would be nice if he could talk just a little bit slower when he is explaining things to us, just a little bit slower. He talks really fast, it's just his personality but we love him, he's great.

May 16, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is the best doctor at the Ridgekin office, probably in the valley, probably in Utah, probably in the world.

May 10, 2017
He is very, very good with not only the parents but more importantly with the patience with the kids, making them feel at ease, and explaining stuff to them too so that they understand what's going on and helping them, you know, make good choices.

May 10, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is an amazing doctor, he speaks directly to my son, asks him how he's doing, how he's feeling, if he has any questions. He's the best we've ever had.

May 7, 2017
I love how personable he is with my kids, and even though you can tell he knows what he's doing, he still makes the visits fun. Which is really helpful when my kids are sick, it doesn't make them dread to go to the doctor, because they look forward to little things like the elephant noises when he looks in their ears and throats and stuff and we love that.

May 7, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is personable, very friendly, and my daughter loves having him as her doctor.

May 3, 2017
There truly isn't a better pediatrician than Dr. Blackburn, we are so lucky to have him, and he does a great job at making sure everything with our daughter, is fine. He's great, and we really really like him.

Apr 26, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is our favorite pediatrician that we've ever had.

Apr 25, 2017
Hands down the best pediatrician ever.

Apr 4, 2017
He's a very good doctor. I'm really happy with his service.

Mar 28, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is our favorite pediatrician we have ever met. He has been my child's doctor for the past 6 1/2 years and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. He is the most knowledgeable and caring and makes my kids feel special. I would never choose to see another pediatrician.

Mar 26, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is very understanding and very genuine. He makes you feel like he'll do anything to help your kid.

Mar 20, 2017
"The doctor takes his time, and listens to the parent, before making any kind of decisions."

Mar 13, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is one of the best pediatricians we've ever seen. He always listens to our concerns, takes time, explores every option and is very personable with the kids and parents alike. We adore him and we're lucky to have him. Thank you.

Mar 1, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is definitely the best pediatrician I have seen. He has seen my kids since they were newborns and we love him. He is so friendly and remembers us from appointment to appointment. He is great.

Feb 20, 2017
Dr. Blackburn is the best pediatrician I have ever worked with. I would never go anywhere else.

Nov 30, 2016
He is a great doctor. He listens to my questions and concerns.

Nov 25, 2016
He is the best doctor, we love him.

Nov 22, 2016
He is a great provider. Always answers questions thoroughly.

Nov 22, 2016
He is very energetic. He is very attentive, very caring, and very trustworthy.

Nov 16, 2016
He's a really good doctor, he's the best. I really like him, he takes time to talk to my son and takes time to talk to me. He really takes his time to communicate with me and my son, very nice. He's a good doctor, very patient, very good.