Maple Heights

Dedicated Senior Medical Center

5264 Lee Rd.

Maple Heights, OH 44137 Directions

(216) 294-4440

4.8 out of 5

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Jun 12, 2024
The friendly environment

Jun 12, 2024
Dr. Phung and his staff are professional and personable. Everyone at this Dedicated office are superior in every way.

Jun 11, 2024
The staff treat you like family.

Jun 11, 2024
My doctor take the time to explain to me my condition and why I need the medication. He takes the time to explain what I need. He wants to make sure nothing gets out of control.

Jun 9, 2024
Professional care from the entire front desk staff, Nurses, Medical Assistants and Dr. Phung.

Jun 7, 2024
The staff is friendly and I like Dr. Porter.

Jun 6, 2024
Having a great doctor

Jun 5, 2024
All over concerns from staff

Jun 5, 2024
Dr. Rhodes is the best doctor I have ever worked with. He is knowledgeable and caring

Jun 5, 2024
The friendly staff and caring physician

Jun 5, 2024
Because the staff and doctor were both courtesy and knowledgeable

Jun 4, 2024
Receiving a call from Dr Porter regarding test results.

Jun 3, 2024
Everyone is very nice and helpful

Jun 3, 2024
Dr. Rhodes let's me know where there is a will there will be a way. Very good doctor and person.

May 31, 2024
Nothing really like everyone, nice to be called by your name and recognized when entering the office. I really love the service

May 31, 2024
My experiences has been good. It would be nice to give patients notes from their visit without them requesting one.

May 21, 2024
Continue doing the work that you do. Keep smiling 🙏🏿

May 18, 2024
Provide good services.

May 17, 2024
Everyone made you feel at ease and make you feel welcome

May 16, 2024
Things are better since my last survey on here.

May 15, 2024
Professional in all medical areas

May 8, 2024
Dr.phung and staff

May 2, 2024
The friendly staff

May 2, 2024
Find one driver that's willing to drive to Middlefield to pick me up and bring me back home.

Apr 28, 2024
Dr Phong & staff

Apr 24, 2024
Able to get prescriptions there.

Apr 23, 2024
My Dr Bennett is awesome!!!

Apr 19, 2024
People are very friendly

Apr 18, 2024
Friendliness of staff and doctor.

Apr 17, 2024
Great Team Care

Apr 16, 2024
My visits are informative and enjoyable. Tai Chi is coming up next month!

Apr 16, 2024
The time went well for me waiting. The examination and the experience with the Doctor all went well.

Apr 16, 2024
Dr. PHUNG … he takes TIME with patients and addresses every concern and seems v genuinely interested and sympathetic

Apr 16, 2024
The environment makes you feel welcome and everyone is so polite to you don’t have a nasty attitude such a lovely group there

Apr 13, 2024
My Dr and his team.makes everything easy, they all makes sure that we all have what is needed. DR.Porters team staff are excellent. Keep up the good work.

Apr 12, 2024
As always from the front reception desk to the back to the drs waiting room it’s nothing but friendly atmosphere.. The women there are awsome and the nurses are awsome too !!!And my dr treats me like a person not a number !!!

Apr 12, 2024
The friendly staff

Apr 12, 2024
The staff is friendly and make you feel like family. The Doctor's and staff actually list without rushing you out the door. You are greeted by your name when you hit the door. You can't receive this kind of response from most medical facilities.

Apr 11, 2024
It is easier for me to talk to the doctor. I do not have to wait to talk to the doctor.

Apr 10, 2024
The care and concern of everyone that I came in contact with

Apr 9, 2024
A caring and knowledgeable doctor and staff.

Apr 6, 2024
Positive people great appointment Thanks

Apr 6, 2024
My last visit was good, just waiting a little longer than usual.

Apr 3, 2024
I always had a positive experience

Apr 3, 2024
Everything went great

Apr 3, 2024
There’s really no words to explain. This is my place to be when it come to my heal so I’ll be here for a while. Keep up the good work.

Apr 2, 2024
The staff is very very personal to your every need.

Apr 2, 2024
Experienced and caring health professionals

Mar 22, 2024
Nothing so far, everyone at the Lee Rd office are EXCELLENT. Doctor Bennett is a Superb Doctor the best I've had in YEARS!!!!

Mar 20, 2024
The entire staff are awesome