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4.8 out of 5

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Aug 11, 2023
I arrived at noon for my 12:30 appointment and did not see the doctor until 1:45 after finally telling the staff that I could not wait any longer.

Aug 11, 2023
Dr Hilaly understands the need to provide a good understanding of whatever diagnosis is being addressed. She listens to her patient and involves her patient in creating a patient focused treatment plan and makes the patient feel as though he/she is part of a team instead of simply providing directions of how to take a medication. I feel that her and I work together to determine the best care I need. She is an incredible doctor.

Aug 4, 2023
Dr. Hilaly is an excellent physician, she takes time to make me feel comfortable and explains everything thoroughly

Aug 4, 2023
I am so fortunate to have Dr. Hilaly as my primary care physician. She truly cares for me and my family and our well-being. I always look forward to my well visits and know I'm in great hands should something arise.

Aug 4, 2023
This was our first visit with Dr. Hilaly as our new PCP. She is excellent, and we are looking forward to our continued relationship with her. This follows a short and unpleasant experience with a doctor with whom we attempted to establish a patient/doctor relationship with less than satisfactory results. Dr. Hilaly is a very pleasant contrast.

Jul 29, 2023
Dr Hilali needs commended for her excellent job of taking care of me. She is so awesome!

Jul 15, 2023
The team was great in handling my requests and needs and addressing all items during visit.

Jul 14, 2023
The entire staff is amazing. They are very helpful and displays great teamwork.

Jul 13, 2023
Dr Hilaly is always extraordinarily kind, friendly and through.

Jul 11, 2023
Dr. Hilaly and her staff are very firendly and accomodating. Each and every visit hits the mark and I always leave fealing satisfied with my experience. Wait time is always minimal both in thewaiting room and exam room.

Jul 10, 2023
I think Dr. HILALY and her assistant always go above and beyond what is expected.

Jul 7, 2023
Dr hilaly is very knowledgeable in answering my questions. She rocks!

Jun 22, 2023
I drive an hour to see Dr. Hilaly. I always feel like she does what is best for me. I trust her opinion and value her expertise.

Jun 20, 2023
Dr explains all care provided. Has taken care of me for many years. Will soon reach the 100 milestone with good care.

Jun 17, 2023
Dr.Hilaly is absolutely amazing. It saddens me that I am moving out of state and will no longer be able to see her.

Jun 16, 2023
Dr. Hilaly and staff always go above and beyond.

Jun 16, 2023
Great visit doctor and staff took care of all my needs.

Jun 12, 2023
Dr. Hilaly and her staff are very personable and professional. I feel that I am in great hands when I got to visit there and I love that I feel I have a Dr's office I can depend upon.

Jun 11, 2023
As always, Dr and staff very professional, helpful, and friendly.

Jun 7, 2023
This office and dr are very caring and thoughtful with my care.

Jun 6, 2023
Dr. Hilaly was amazing and kind

Jun 1, 2023
Dr. Hilaly genuinely cares about her patients. She listens to them and provides excellent treatment.

Jun 1, 2023
She is the best doctor and great with diagnosis and customer service with her patients.

May 26, 2023
Dr. Hilaly is an excellent physician. She is kind, attentive, thorough and amazingly attentive. She explains everything and listens to the patient. I appreciate her and

May 26, 2023
The doctor and her staff were all courteous and respectful to me. Dr Hilaly was thorough and answered my questions and explained what needed to be done pertaining the my care.

May 26, 2023
Doc is SOOOO attentive and relaxed during visits and takes the time to listen and genuinely respond to concerns and questions. She is the best!!

May 20, 2023
Dr. Hilaly and the staff as a whole were amazing and attentive.

May 19, 2023
Dr Hilaly staff is friendly and they put you at ease during my visits every time . Dr Hilaly is super patient and she answers all my questions throughly I leave feeling reassured that I'm in great care with her.

May 18, 2023
I feel Dr. Salma Mannan-Hilaly is exceptional every time I visit her! She takes the time to listen to my concerns, explains things to me in detail and reassures me when needed! (And she gives the best hugs!) I trust her explicitly and could not be happier with the care she gives me! So many other doctors I've been to (or I take my mother to MANY doctors so I have many to compare her to) are so clinical and cold and don't show any compassion or empathy to the patient. It is very obvious that Dr. Salma loves her patients and we love her! If ALL Doctors worked this way, the world would be an amazing place!!!!!

May 17, 2023
I believe Dr. Hilaly is a very caring physician. I am lucky enough to be in relatively good health so have not been in need of major medical intervention except for treatment/maintenance of blood pressure & cholesterol. Dr. Hilaly seems to treat the whole patient, while maintaining focus on the most important aspect of a patient's care.

May 16, 2023
Dr. Mannan-Hilaly was excellent - very thorough on her care and explanation.

May 9, 2023
I had a good experience at this office.

May 5, 2023
Dr. Hilaly always provides excellent care to myself and my family.

May 3, 2023
Dr Hilaly and her staff are exceptional, knowledgeable and make you feel so at ease.

May 3, 2023
Dr Hilaly is very compassionate, knowledgeable and excellent doctor.

Apr 30, 2023
Dr. Hilaly is the best doctor I've had during my 55 years of medical care. And Nurse xxx is the best about following up on any concerns or problems with my medicines. They are a great team!! They make me feel cared for.

Apr 29, 2023
Dr Hilaly is exceptional in her care . Such a kind and caring individual. Her recent care of my husband made a difference in his life. We are full of gratitude

Apr 28, 2023
It was a very busy day in Dr. Hilaly’s office. It was still very busy when my appointment ended. I had 8 points in my notes I wanted to cover. Dr. Hilaly covered them all, very thoroughly. She did not rush. She took the time needed to answer my questions completely. The good doctor has been my primary care giver for many years. I have never had a care giver who is more thorough in answering my questions and/or concerns. Dr. Hilaly is the best primary care giver I have ever had, bar none.

Apr 25, 2023
my apt was at 3:00pm and I waited 1 hour 37 minutes, give or take a few min. Not exactly timely. My visit was a follow-up, took less than 10 min tops.

Apr 25, 2023
Dr Hallaly was fantastic.

Apr 17, 2023
Dr. Hilaly and her staff are just amazing. I feel very blessed to have her & them in my corner. I feel involved in my care, and I am heard and seen, which let's face it, isn't always the case as a female patient. Never once has her or her staff dismissed any issue I have brought to them. It is never a fun time having to visit a doctor, but Dr. Hilaly empathizes when things aren't going your way, and is your biggest cheerleader when celebrating your successes. Exemplary doctor, exemplary team.

Apr 17, 2023
Continued great care and empathy to me and prompt treatment while there!

Apr 4, 2023
Both Dr Mannan-Hiliay and her staff were friendly, helpful and very professional

Apr 2, 2023
I am very blessed to have Dr Hilaly as my doctor the medical care I have received from her all the years that she has been my doctor She is an excellent doctor. and I am very grateful for her care.

Mar 28, 2023
Dr. Hilaly is very attentive and easy to talk to.

Mar 26, 2023
In talking with the doctor, I feel as though we are on the same wavelength regarding my healthcare. I look forward to continuing my relationship with the doctor as well as her wonderful office staff.

Mar 23, 2023
Very knowledgeable.

Mar 15, 2023
Dr Hilaly is truly the most caring, thorough and involved physician I have ever seen. She goes into detail regarding my concerns and is active in treatment when I have had issues. She is the kind of Dr everyone deserves to have. I feel grateful to be her patient.

Mar 14, 2023
We love Dr Hilaly. She is very thorough and never seems to rush her patients through exam.

Mar 10, 2023
Have been a patient a long time--excellent care!!