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Apr 25, 2023
The Nurse Practitioner was thorough but I felt like I needed to explain more and I felt very rushed. I had to interrupt the Nurse Practitioner and I think it was oerceived that I was being disrespectful. But I really did not mean it that way. I appreciate the expertise of the Doctors and the Nurse Practitioner. The people who check you in and out were very kind and helpful.

Apr 23, 2023
Kelsey is knowledgeable but there was not sufficient emphasis on the reason for the visit.

Apr 14, 2023
It was a pleasure

Apr 7, 2023

Apr 6, 2023
Good experience

Apr 6, 2023
At least the second time we’ve met with Kelsey. Great experience

Apr 6, 2023
good experience, not much wait time

Apr 4, 2023
do not change a thing

Apr 4, 2023
I think a heart monitor is a stretch from someone fainting.

Apr 3, 2023
She is very thorough and shows real care about how you are doing

Mar 9, 2023
I felt like she thought that I was overly concerned with the problem I was having with my blood pressure.

Mar 8, 2023
I felt safe and believed my provider was doing what was best for me.

Feb 27, 2023
Nothing more to add. I am familiar with this health care facility and everyone is extremely caring

Feb 25, 2023
I could not have asked for better service.

Feb 24, 2023
All went quickly, respectful, , and no complaints from me!

Feb 10, 2023
Last minute service needed and provided. Thanks

Feb 9, 2023
It was obvious that she took the time to figure a way to help me. I have experienced others that told me that I should try a different provider to control my problem. I feel that she went and put the effort in to care for me specifically.

Feb 7, 2023

Feb 2, 2023
She was very caring and understood.

Jan 20, 2023
She is very professional üëè

Jan 15, 2023
She made everything quite clear

Jan 13, 2023
The 4 nurses were patient and pleasant and answered all my questions

Dec 24, 2022
always treated very well there

Dec 15, 2022
Very professional, very impressive, and very helpful.

Dec 14, 2022

Dec 11, 2022
She made me feel calm and comfortable.

Nov 16, 2022
Kelsey took the time to answer my questions with care!

Aug 25, 2022
Kelsey made me feel very comfortable given my worrisome feeling. Was relieved that she didn't find the pain was related to my heart. She ordered an ECG as a precaution.

Aug 12, 2022
Would recommend this office to my friends