Dr. John L. Clayton, MD

Plastic Surgery

3723 W 12600 S

Riverton, UT 84065 Directions


4.8 out of 5

165 verified ratings

165 Verified Ratings

Oct 5, 2017
He was a good listener and took seriously my concern and was very competent in the procedure.

Sep 20, 2017
Dr. Clayton was so helpful, thoughtful, and made my daughter who is 9 years old relaxed and happy. They chatted and had a good time while she was getting her face stitched up. I was very appreciative that I could go straight to see a plastic surgeon and not have to wallow in an ER, because I knew she was going to need a plastic surgeon to stitch up this eyebrow. Thank you so much. It was a wonderful experience.

Aug 30, 2017
Dr. Clayton is a great physician.

Aug 28, 2017
I felt very comfortable with Dr. Clayton. He was an excellent doctor. He felt very professional. I wouldn't hesitate in the least to recommend him to someone else. He did a great job.

Jul 17, 2017
Dr. Clayton was excellent. He took care of my problem immediately and answered all my questions very simply so I could understand. I could not give him a 10 on my keypad, but he does deserve a 10. Please give him a 10, not 9.

Jun 21, 2017
Office wait time was too long.

Jun 5, 2017
Hi. I had a wonderful experience with John Clayton. He was very personable, very knowledgeable, and I felt very comfortable doing any procedures with him. Thank you.

May 29, 2017
I thought Dr. Clayton was very kind, patient, he explained things in a way that I could understand them, the follow up was good, I would definitely recommend him to anyone. His nurse Tony or Tommy, she was very nice as well, the girls at the desk were great, just overall the experience was outstanding. Thank you.

Mar 20, 2017
"Dr. Clayton answered my questions very clearly and knew about the procedures, and even anticipated questions I had and provided that information before I even thought of asking it. He's an excellent listener."

Feb 26, 2017
He was patient, he answered questions that I asked, he explained them so I could understand them and I felt very confident that he was very capable of what he was doing and that was very reassuring to me. Thank you.

Feb 20, 2017
Wonderful provider, listened intently, understood my questions, responded appropriately, and very proficient with his skills.

Nov 27, 2016
I felt like the doctor was very thorough and very good. He tried to help me even though my insurance would go with it. He was very caring and tried to get something done even though it couldn't be done but it wasn't the doctor's fault.

Nov 21, 2016
He is a very good doctor. He explains everything and I feel confident that the procedure and everything we have discussed is forthright. He is an excellent doctor.

Nov 13, 2016
I think he's a very good provider, takes the time, very pleasant, good staff. Very good experience when I went to his office.

Nov 10, 2016
Friendly, sociable, listens.

Nov 10, 2016
He was one of the greatest physicians that I have attended and I am 90 years old.

Nov 8, 2016
I thought he was very thorough and answers some of my questions about some of the procedures I wanted done and I liked how he did one of the procedures right there, I didn't have to come back for it.

Oct 24, 2016
He made me feel very comfortable. He is personable.

Oct 23, 2016
He was great to work with. He did a good job.

Oct 23, 2016
It was a great experience. He showed a lot of concern about me.

Oct 23, 2016
I was very pleased and very happy. The results were good.

Oct 16, 2016
I was very impressed with him. I think he is amazing and that's why I chose him. I have not been disappointed. He is attentive, he listens and is able to explain things. I was able to get right in.

Oct 9, 2016
He listens very well and he explains things so that I understand, to the patient so that they understand. He gets things done quickly and productively.

Oct 7, 2016
He is an excellent plastic surgeon. Best in the valley. He did a great job healing up the wound on my face.

Oct 4, 2016
He's a good guy, He's funny. He explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. He did a really good job.

Sep 29, 2016
He is very professional. Only negative aspect is it feels rushed when we are in the office so the time is not as valuable which could be due to having too much on his plate, not having too much help. Having a doctor who is willing to spend more time with his patient would be a great benefit.

Sep 29, 2016
I think he was very informative, answered all my questions, and I'm still in the process of trying to rearrange for my surgery.

Sep 29, 2016
He's an amazing doctor. He really changed my life. The condition I have he was the only one who was able to treat it for me to improve, I respect him.

Sep 16, 2016
He was great.

Sep 15, 2016
I believe he is very professional, very attentive and very alert to the needs I had. Answered all questions to satisfactory and issued some great advice.

Sep 12, 2016
He is very pleasant. He does a great job.

Sep 8, 2016
He was very personable and seemed very knowledgeable.

Sep 6, 2016
He's a good provider, and knows his stuff and he's interested in a positive outcome for the patient.

Aug 31, 2016
I think he's very professional on answering any questions I had, or concerns. I would recommend him to anybody.

Aug 31, 2016
He is very courteous and always knowledgeable about my condition and he is always very courteous when giving me information and he is one of the best doctors I have ever had.

Aug 28, 2016
He was great, very personable. Kept the mood very light.

Aug 21, 2016
He's outstanding.

Aug 21, 2016
He was friendly and calm, reassuring. My son was especially nervous about having the mole removed on his forehead and having his face cut and the doctor talked him through it, and told him what he was doing. It was a simple experience where he thought it was going to be a painful experience.

Aug 17, 2016
Dr. Clayton is very professional and knowledgeable in his field. He was very concerned about my injury. He encouraged me to work at home so I don't have to go to rehab. His demeanor and his way of speaking put you at ease.

Aug 17, 2016
Very well informed, understood the situation I was in. Provided an answer and explanation about what needed to be done.

Aug 16, 2016
I absolutely love him. He is a wonderful doctor. He has a great personality and I feel cared for and my needs are understood.

Aug 7, 2016
He was amazing and I would highly recommend him to everyone.

Jul 27, 2016
He was very kind and attentive and seemed to listen to our concerns.

Jul 26, 2016
I think he's a very good doctor, he knew what my problem was, he is helping me solve it, and I feel very glad that I have been able to have him as my doctor.

Jul 26, 2016
Dr. Clayton is an excellent physician. He is very knowledgeable about the things as he treats. He comes across as very caring and very competent. I would refer him to any of my friends and family.

Jul 26, 2016
He does a great job.

Jul 17, 2016
He is a doctor who listens to the patient and he takes their concerns seriously and he responds and is very professional.

Jul 14, 2016
He was great. He talked to me and got me in on time. He was very courteous.

Jul 10, 2016
He was very nice and very thorough.

Jul 5, 2016
He is a very good, excellent care doctor. He is a very congenial, nice man.