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5.0 out of 5

4 verified ratings

4 Verified Ratings

Mar 20, 2021
PHENOMENAL! I COULD HAVE NEVER ASKED FOR A BETTER EXPERIENCE AND DOCTOR! We had Dr.Saripkin and we had the BEST time! Hes so much fun and had SO much information to help us when we have been in a position of feeling hopeless. He came rite in with such a fun, positive energy and my son LOVED him. He would take the time to reassure him hes not doing anything wrong and pump him up that at the same time it is his problem and he needs to help. I never had SUCH a great and knowable experience <3 I have told a few friends and family members with kids who have similar problems to PLZ see him cause hes AMAZING for his experience and knowledge. I, at first, was scared of what to do next to help our son but he made us so confident we are gonna be at a better place as long as we put in the work with his help. I'd give 100 stars if I could :)

Oct 13, 2020
Excellent care from Dr. Dykes for our son! The front desk, nurses and the dr are so caring & kind. Highly recommend!

Sep 10, 2020
Knowledgeable and caring GI staff! My family is beyond grateful for Dr.Dykes & Nurse Deanna for their knowledge, speedy turnaround regarding inquiries/request & sincerity!

Sep 1, 2020
My son is autistic, and normally struggles with seeing doctors. But this was a breeze for him ? They were great with him!