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1072 N Liberty St , Ste 303

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Jun 22, 2022
Very good.

Jun 22, 2022
Dr. Lyons has provided me with excellent care.

Jun 18, 2022
Very good

Jun 17, 2022

May 31, 2022
Dr. Lyons is the best doctor I have ever been to. That is why I have been seeing him for nearly 30 years.

May 25, 2022
When I did MD he was great.

May 19, 2022

May 11, 2022
Good experience with doctor. Very thorough physical exam.

May 6, 2022
Dr.Lyons is a good listener and concerned about my medical issues. I appreciate his ways, wish there were more doctors like him,

May 4, 2022
I've complained on multiple visits about headaches post cataract surgery last [date]. Doctor Lyons has yet to answer or address them in any noticeable way and instead focuses on my extremities. He sent a note to my primary care physician that was supposed to show that one of my medications should be bumped to three times per day. He sent a note, but only that I take the meds two times a day. What? Yes, he did agree to schedule a test for carpal tunnel, and after some discussion for an MRI about my concerns for a flare-up. However, the MRI was only ordered after I repeatedly stressed my concerns about being In the midst of a possible flare-up. His vocal and body response (non-verbal) to the problem with my hands was dismissive and about the pain that I was having. Like no big deal. I'm really growing to not like this guy. His nurse Is completely fine and does a great job, he on the other hand is not good around patients.

Apr 27, 2022
The provider seems very knowledgeable.

Apr 26, 2022
*Dr. Lyons is thorough, attentive, professional & kind.

Apr 18, 2022
We talked about my illness and any options we would need to look at in future.

Apr 11, 2022
A smile, introduction, thank you for choosing St. Al's today. How can I help you today? It was nice to meet you, thank you and look forward to our next time visit...etc.

Apr 10, 2022
Dr. Lyons explained about the test. I experienced pain during the test and he was very patient. He appreciated what the test results would indicate fir me. He also knew about my condition, a condition that is experienced by only 1% of the world's population. I expressed that I feared people thought I was psychosomatic, yet he assured me that I was nit, that my condition and symptoms were real, which meant a lot. He explained the test and every part of the test. He was gentle and kind, and appeared to be interested in me more than the test. This was the first time that I met Dr Lyons and I would highly recommend him!

Apr 10, 2022
My experience with the staff was good .

Apr 9, 2022
First time visit and the team explained what and how they would conduct the test.

Apr 5, 2022
The staff was very professional and compassionate to my needs that day.

Apr 5, 2022
After talking to me for 5-10 min. and sticking some pins in my feet and watching me walk 10 ft. and not commenting when I lost my balance. He then told me that there was nothing wrong with me. He said I should stop seeing so many drs. - that I was just looking for trouble and I should just go home. He was dismissive and condescending!

Apr 4, 2022
There was no need for me to go in for an appointment. A phone call or letter or email would have been fine. I don't drive so I have to arrange for a ride there & back.

Mar 26, 2022
Very informative

Mar 22, 2022
Dr. Lyons seems interested in how I am progressing after my stroke. When I have an appointment he will make suggestions on items I mention that to be improved.

Feb 21, 2022
Very pleased

Feb 17, 2022
*Dr. Lyons is always easy to discard things w/and understand. I know my needs are important to him.

Feb 7, 2022
*Dr. Lyons is always responsive to my needs.

Jan 25, 2022
*Dr. Lyons is a jewel - I appreciate him so very much and refer folks to him often.

Jan 24, 2022
During visit Doctor Lyons was completely dismissive, rude, and downright demeaning of my symptoms, including those of his colleague of Dr. Wynn's MS diagnosis and cause of optical nerve damage. Made snarky comments while doing some tests in his office such as pointing to my noise, which I literally couldn't do with my right eye, which I've been having problems with since eye surgery last November 'You can do this in your sleep'. The pinprick test that I genuinely could not feel on my left arm, but according to him should have been 'easy, it's not supposed to hurt real bad. Can you feel It or not?'.My wife was there for the visit and had the same observation. I cannot completely convey my distain for this medical professional. Will be calling the office soon to see if someone else at that location can take over.

Jan 24, 2022
Dr. Lyons is always caring, professional, and kind.

Nov 23, 2021
Very good.

Oct 22, 2021
Just wished doctors were like they use to be.

Oct 20, 2021
Good experience!

Oct 16, 2021
Excellent. Dr Lyons is always concerned about my physical and mental health. He makes me feel comfortable to talk to him, his patient relationship is well above.

Oct 15, 2021
Questions were answered and it was a very good appointment.

Oct 5, 2021
*Dr. Lyons was leaving the room - I mentioned that I was getting a hearing aid. *Dr. Lyons was very _____ hearing this! He considered this very important re: The test question. This could be a big deal by feed back, with memory recall.

Sep 23, 2021
All went well.

Sep 22, 2021
Got more clarity of when to call him and when to call PCP.

Sep 22, 2021
The doctor was very respectful & listened to what I had to say & the medicine was working fine with me.

Sep 15, 2021
Dr. Lyons listened to (and answered) all my questions and was thorough and attentive, and the nurse and receptionist were also kind and professional.

Sep 10, 2021
Great provider, caring and knowledgeable.

Aug 24, 2021
We like *Dr. Lyons - to the point - great doctor -