Ernest (Pete) F. Baldwin, III, MD


Salt Lake City, UT Directions

4.7 out of 5

200 verified ratings

200 Verified Ratings

Dec 18, 2017
Dr. Baldwin is very knowledgeable and an excellent doctor. I really trust everything that he recommends and he's really, really a caring person.

Dec 14, 2017
Very thorough and knowledgeable, present and professional. Very good doctor. Thank you very much.

Dec 10, 2017
He's an excellent doctor, and really knows and understands, and can help me with my diabetes. So, I really have enjoyed having him. Thank you, bye.

Dec 4, 2017
I think he's a very good doctor. He's got a dry sense of humor which I'm sure everybody doesn't understand because he doesn't have a very good bedside manner. But his knowledge is excellent and I would send my friends to him.

Nov 29, 2017
Dr. Baldwin is very knowledgeable, he a very intellignent man and he knows a lot about diabetes and he knows about the endocrine system and I felt like he talks to you on whatever, you know, whatever concerns you have you can talk to him about it and he will do his best to provide concrete suggestions that will improve whatever it is A1C or your insulin levels or whatever it is, you know, he's very willing to help with things that have to do with the endocrine system and so I appreciate that because he is a special specialist and I went to him for specialty and I've been very happy with the information that he has

Nov 28, 2017
He was very knowledgeable and took the time with me. I just felt like his quote bedside manner could have been improved. He was very cool and aloof and didn't seem very warm or as caring as I would have liked a doctor to have been. But again, very knowledgeable, got my questions answered, got the care that I needed. It was just probably a personality aspect that I was more interested in.

Nov 23, 2017
Provider was not friendly. Didn't bother to listen to anything I had to say. Didn't understand why my physician had referred me to him even though he was the one that read up on me and agreed to see me. Just very rude, blew me off, didn't answer the reason as to why I came to see him. No solution and pretty much reading his report was very insulting to me.

Nov 6, 2017
I used to have a problem with not being able to form my thoughts to ask questions as I don't know how to deal with it as I have questions later. I live far away and don't have the ability to get answer to the questions I have later. Genuinely I like DR. Baldwin. Thank you.

Nov 6, 2017
I'd like to be able to talk with this provider more about how … my … prescriptions interact with prescriptions given by other providers and if that is the best thing for my health. If there is something that could be improved I would like to talk to my provider a little bit more about that to see if the different doctors are aware of the consequences of the medications that they are giving on the interactions with other doctors prescriptions on the patients health. I hope that's clear.

Nov 5, 2017
My calcium has been low. The medication he wants to put me on won't work with my system. He won't listen to me that I don't want to take that medicine. There has to be an alternate brand or remedy to how I can get my vitamin D. He just didn't listen. After quitting he put me back on it and I refused to take it so I have no solution. I wish he would have listened better to that, because I need to be able to keep my calcium up. That's all.

Oct 30, 2017
Very straightforward and tells you like it is. And he also puts the responsibility to succeed on you, which is what it should be.

Oct 17, 2017
He's one of the best doctors I know. I wish he could do a lot more than what he does. I'd like him to be my permanent doctor.

Oct 11, 2017
I'm on a feedback thing. I wish that he could have explained to me better, because he is so educated - he had a hard time explaining what was going on to the layman.

Oct 10, 2017
He was very thorough in his explanation about my problems. He made sure I had the proper testing that I needed to have done, so he could be better informed about my problems. Also, when I went back to visit with him again he explained the results and so I could comprehend what was going on. I really do like this provider. He is very caring. He's knowledgeable and definitely have friends or family visit him also.

Sep 20, 2017
Dr. Baldwin went out of his way to make sure that my questions were answered and that I had the direction and assistance needed to care for my medical needs.

Sep 19, 2017
This provider is so knowledgeable and thorough, at least with me, that I couldn't hope for anything better. And I appreciate his kindness and care. He couldn't, you couldn't get a better doctor from my experience, which has been the 1 time. Thank you.

Sep 17, 2017
I think she was a very good provider, and gave out lots of information, and I thank you very much.

Sep 17, 2017
Dr. Ernest Baldwin

Sep 7, 2017
Actually doctor was very knowledgeable, listens carefully, inspires confidence. Thank you.

Sep 6, 2017
Dr. Baldwin was good but seemed a little disinterested.

Sep 6, 2017
Dr. Baldwin has been very up with my treatment and care. He's always asking for my input. He's also given me our goals and told me how we're going to get there. And there's been no questions or no, I'm not left hanging trying to figure things out. It's been really really great working with him.

Sep 5, 2017
Dr. Baldwin is very understanding when I bring my children to the office which is super helpful. He always explains his answers thoroughly and he attends a lot of conferences so he's up to date on modern medicine and I really appreciate his staff they're really great from the minute you check-in until you leave everybody is very courteous.

Sep 4, 2017
Dr. Baldwin is very skilled and knowledgeable in his field. I trust his opinion greatly.

May 25, 2017
I feel like this provider

May 22, 2017
Dr. Baldwin is a wonderful doctor. I drive almost 200 miles, down and back, to go to Salt Lake. It's well worth my time. I went in bad shape, he brought me back to normal. He is excellent and I just appreciate him and his staff is courteous, consciences, and wonderful. Thank you so much. Bye, bye.

May 21, 2017
I appreciated that they got me back very quick, he was very quick to get to me, he spent, he spent plenty of time with me. I'm a new patient, he spent plenty of time going over my records, he made me feel like he cared, and he was very thorough, very professional and I would recommend this man to anyone I, I wish I had come to him years ago.

May 18, 2017
He was very respectful, listened to my concerns and treated me as a professional, which I very much appreciated since I am a retired RN. Thank you.

May 15, 2017
Dr. Baldwin is very thorough and takes time with his patients. I recommend him very highly.

May 7, 2017
Dr. Baldwin was really great. My daughter came down with me and she liked him too. And, he had a great team. They were very thoughtful and kind and really appreciated them. They were great.

May 3, 2017
Thoroughly knowledgeable about what he is doing and helping you with.

May 3, 2017
Dr. Baldwin listens carefully when I have questions and he follows trend and goes to conferences and learns about new treatments and techniques and I find that very helpful.

May 2, 2017
He seemed to really care about his patients. He took time to explain things so I understood and I felt like he was very patient.

Apr 30, 2017
I felt he was arrogant. Did not want to take the time to listen to some of the issues I had, and was in a hurry to just move me on out of there and I was not happy with him at all.

Apr 30, 2017
He doesn't seem very patient friendly and I felt all at ease around his attitude.

Apr 24, 2017
Great endocrinologist, I have very, very good experience.

Apr 20, 2017
He's an excellent doctor he knows his field and he's very kind. And well informed.

Apr 16, 2017
Dr. Baldwin is probably one of the most professional and brilliant doctors that I have ever seen in my life. I feel that he really cares about making sure that my needs are addressed with my healthcare. I appreciate that he looks me in the eye when he talks to me, he listens to me when I ask questions and I'm really glad that we found him. Thank you.

Apr 13, 2017
I enjoyed this doctor very much. He seemed to be talking on my level, and all my health problems, that I did enjoy him very much. I'm looking forward to when I go back to see him; to see what they're going to do for my health. So thank you.

Apr 9, 2017
Dr. Baldwin's staff are wonderful and very helpful and easy to talk with. He is not very easy to talk to and I don't feel like he understands what I'm saying or really interested in what I have to say. I feel like he has a pre conceived idea of what should be happening and if you don't fit into that mold he's not interested in talking to you about any specific problems that you have and I find him very difficult to communicate with.

Mar 30, 2017
He was on time which I appreciated.

Mar 27, 2017
Dr. Baldwin is exceptional. He has my complete trust and I've been going to him for several years. And he had to earn it. Believe me. And he's an excellent doctor.

Mar 27, 2017
Dr. Baldwin is always willing to listen and if I have a question he's always willing to answer it. If I don't understand the answer I can question further and he will make it simpler for me to understand. I really appreciate his time and he definitely seems to care about his patients. I really appreciate it.

Mar 23, 2017
"I haven't had a follow-up for my blood work that was done, and yet I know that I have a prescription waiting at my pharmacy so I'm in a, I don't know where I stand right now, I'm supposed to get a call back from his assistant, so somebody needs to follow up, thank you."

Mar 22, 2017
I found Dr. Baldwin very professional and provided pertinent information for me. Thanks.

Mar 19, 2017
"Dr. Baldwin is a superb physician. He is caring, thorough, competent, listens carefully to patients, and is someone we respect a great deal. It is a pleasure to be his patient."

Mar 12, 2017
I really appreciate how Dr. Baldwin figures out the math for my prescription so that I don't have to keep changing the micrograms, I can use what I've already bought and he just tells me when to take it how much to take it so I get the most out of my money and I don't have to purchase unnecessary prescriptions I can not be wasteful either. So thank you Dr. Baldwin.

Feb 13, 2017
She was wonderful, very knowledgeable, very courteous, very kind. Everything was what I expected. Thank you.

Nov 30, 2016
Very nice, very cordial. He had me do blood work and then we had a short conversation, that was it.

Nov 30, 2016
He's very efficient, very thorough, and I really like him.

Nov 27, 2016
He is quirky, but seems very intelligent and knowledgeable.