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Aug 28, 2023

Aug 19, 2023
He was down to earth.

Aug 17, 2023
I’m hard of hearing and often have to have things repeated. Which sometimes is not felt with very well. Everyone spoke facing me which makes it much easier to understand than when they are looking down at a form and asking me questions. I wish more people were trained to to face the person they are talking to.

Aug 12, 2023
He was interested in what l had to say

Aug 9, 2023
Professional, put me at ease with my concerns.. Left with a better understanding of my condition. His summary was very complete.

Aug 8, 2023
I was pleased with Mr. Miller's care of me and will continue to seek his counsel as my cardiology care provider of choice.

Jul 20, 2023
He made a stressful visit into a "if I ever have to go to a cardiologist again, I won't freak out because Drew was cool"... :)

Jul 19, 2023
Very pleasant experience and confident in his experience

Jul 18, 2023
My appointment was on time evan a little early

Jul 13, 2023
Thank u , I am grateful

Jul 11, 2023
Excellent guidance

Jul 8, 2023
I was walked to the front desk so they could give instructions to staff about next appointment, then he just walked away with no acknowledgement.

Jun 28, 2023
My first time to meet Drew Miiller. Seems to me a great fit. Good to him and all your folks in cardiology as everyone gives well-deserved retirement wishes to Dr. Writer. Thanks.

Jun 10, 2023
Thank you

Jun 7, 2023
very good at listening to me, and explaining thing to me

Jun 7, 2023
He is a keeper.

Jun 5, 2023
Thanks for your time and help

Jun 2, 2023
I appreciate the staff and providers at this practice

May 25, 2023
Surprised since he was new to me

May 10, 2023
This was my first appointment with Drew Miiller and at this clinic. The purpose was to discuss a new and concerning diagnosis. As mentioned earlier, all of my questions were met with direct and clear answers. This was a productive and positive start to what I assume will be a long term series of interactions.

May 9, 2023
Drew Miller was very patient, kind and explain things in an understandable way.

May 5, 2023
Dr. Miller had obviously been acquainted with my file and knew what issues I was having and was helpful.

Apr 30, 2023
I’ve been in and out of hospitals and I have never had the high level of care as I had at St. Al’s

Apr 27, 2023
Drew was outstanding!

Apr 25, 2023
All of the staff were always very helpful.

Apr 14, 2023
Very good

Apr 8, 2023
Provider wanted to have a reaction response if my condition got worse, instead of a proactive response to help my condition. It was very frustrating and left me feeling helpless.

Apr 7, 2023
No, he seemed knowledgeble and friendly. Just not used to a NP

Apr 1, 2023
Have never felt rushed and always felt they respected my questions and concerns

Mar 23, 2023
Everyone was very caring and helpful

Mar 17, 2023
Drew spent a lot of time making sure I was "surgery ready".

Mar 11, 2023
First day of a surgery I had a nurse called Linux she was absolutely enjoying toward .me.

Mar 7, 2023
I felt like I was the most important patient there.

Mar 7, 2023
I think dr Rich gives me more relevant advice on how to manage my condition while still considering my personal lifestyle

Feb 18, 2023
Good visit with a new doctor. I was a little upset when they said i would not be seeing my regular doctor, but it turned out great.

Feb 15, 2023

Feb 10, 2023
I'm very happy

Feb 9, 2023
Spending enough time answering our questions is very important to us

Jan 15, 2023
Very good visit

Jan 15, 2023

Jan 14, 2023
Didn't really have any answers for me to explain what would have caused my symptoms.

Jan 13, 2023
We are still working on my problem they are helping me a lot

Jan 13, 2023
always a good experience

Dec 27, 2022
The cardiologist visit was very good. I was sent up to get a heart monitor and I had to wait a long time for assistance. The person that ultimately helped me was great.

Dec 24, 2022
They are extremely patient and experienced.

Dec 16, 2022
He was caring an had a good "bedside manner."

Dec 10, 2022
Service was great!

Nov 11, 2022
refer to previous question

Oct 28, 2022
Always been happy with the care I have received

Oct 16, 2022