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Fairfax, VA

8505 Arlington Blvd, Suite 300

Fairfax, VA 22031

(703) 698-9335 Directions

13 Verified Ratings

Jun 19, 2021
I have been Dr. Minarcik’s patient since he was still on active duty, serving at the Ft. Belvoir Hospital. In a word, he is fabulous! So much so, that I followed him into his civilian practice so that I could continue to receive his outstanding care. He is any patient’s dream doctor! A master of his specialty, excellent communicator, patient-focused, personable — I could go on and on. Trust me, any and all patients will find themselves in the best of hands.

Jun 19, 2021
Minarcik is not only a skilled practitioner he is a caring doctor. Excellent altogether, from the practice, nurses and medical attention.

Jun 11, 2021
Glad to have Dr Minarcik as my doctor.

Sep 29, 2019
Highly professional and through. I was really impressed with the service. Starting from Karrie , the tech. to Dr.Minarcik. He .told me methodically what is wrong with my eyes , nothing to worry about and to see him back in 6 months it the situation becomes alarming.

Sep 29, 2019
It was a good to a new Doctor. he is good.

Sep 28, 2019
My visits with him are always excellent He’s caring compassionate and informative

Sep 24, 2019
He was very personal and informative

Sep 16, 2019
Very thorough and friendly. Same with the gentleman who did the initial testing and drops.

Sep 15, 2019
Wonderful doctor! Very thorough and answered all my questions. Thank you Dr Minarcik!

Sep 15, 2019
Dr Minarcik was great time I had to wait in the examining room was 1 hr. Room was cold wait was too long.

Sep 14, 2019
Warm and pleasant. Dr. Minarcik has always been very warn and concerned about my condition. He takes the time to explain your situation in a matter that you are fully informed and understands all health issues with your eyes. Thank you so very much Dr. Minarcik!!!!

Aug 6, 2019
Dr. Minarcik is the most calming doctor I've seen. I am a terribly anxious person when it comes to having my eyes examined and he is able to relax me enough to perform the necessary examinations and tests---and to perform laser treatments for a torn retina.

Jul 11, 2019