Dr. Allen Gordon Stickler, MD


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4.4 out of 5

11 verified ratings

11 Verified Ratings

Mar 30, 2017
my confidence would much better seeing a dr at skin care only because I have a history of skin care in our family my brother and 1st cousin died from it at first I was seeing a np but now im seeing a dr the np was excellent she did a very good job but in my mind I know silley

Mar 29, 2017
Dr. Strickler provided expert,very knowledgeable care to my husband. I would highly recommend him to others.

Mar 16, 2017
I was informed a follow-up phone call would be made on Friday. Follow-up call was made and appreciated.

Feb 24, 2017
Dr. Stridder was very approachable and showed genuine concern for me as a patient. Harder to find these days. Patients can feel as though they are being rushed- not here.

Feb 24, 2017
Dr. Strickler was so caring and gentle to me.

Feb 16, 2017
It was a pleasure dealing with Doctor Stricler and his staff

Feb 16, 2017
I was pleasantly surprised that the doctor called me with the results of my biopsy and explained the treatment options. Usually I would receive an email or letter. That was very nice & helpful.

Jan 31, 2017
I left the appt. not feeling any more comfortable then when I went. Felt rushed and that he really wasn't looking at what I was concerned with being pre-cancer. Every time I asked about something,he said oh that's a ? medical term? and didn't explain what it was. I told him I had an itchy spot on my back (which I'm told can be pre-cancer) and he said he would freeze it off. Left,came back & sprayed my back. Again! He didn't listen well enough & did the wrong spot. So,I'm still the same and feel no more confident about my body...

Jan 27, 2017
Dr. Stricker is the very best.

Dec 22, 2016
My situation was not very serious or timely so treatment was very minimal with no drugs or major procedures.

Dec 21, 2016
Dr.Strickler actually listen to me about an issue. He followed up and it turned out I was spot on. A procedure will follow soon.