Dr. Dorian D. Moore, MD

Internal Medicine

4200 Whitehall Dr., Suite 130

Ann Arbor, MI 48105 Directions

(734) 995-0303


4.9 out of 5

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388 Ratings, 153 Comments

Apr 18, 2024
Dr. Moore is caring, knowledgeable and a really kind person.

Apr 18, 2024
Everything went very well!

Apr 18, 2024
Dr Moore is a good listener.

Apr 11, 2024
Caring genuine and thorough as always

Apr 10, 2024
A caring and knowledgeable doctor who is on the side of the patient.

Apr 10, 2024
She made me feel special and it was easy to talk to her.

Apr 9, 2024
I feel Dr. Moore is a truely caring physician.

Apr 9, 2024
Dr. Moore is patient, listens, and is knowledgeable. She takes the time to address all concerns.

Apr 9, 2024
The serenity of the room.

Apr 3, 2024
Excellent experience totally!!

Apr 2, 2024
Dr. Moore was very caring and patient with me as I addressed my concerns and asked all my questions.

Mar 27, 2024
Thank you Dr. Moore. So grateful for your care. Wishing you all the best.

Mar 26, 2024
Dr. Moore was very nice. Not only me is she concerned, my entire family.

Mar 26, 2024
All needs met with professionalism and care.

Mar 26, 2024
Thank you all keep up the good work see ya soon!❤️

Mar 21, 2024
I have confidence in Dr Moore

Mar 20, 2024
good listner

Mar 19, 2024
I always enjoy my visits with Dr. Moore. She is everything I expect a doctor to be and more.

Mar 19, 2024
Dr. Moore is the best.

Mar 19, 2024
Thank you for allowing plenty of time. I o ow people who have changed doctors because it was like an assembly line. I felt well taken care of

Mar 19, 2024
As always Dr Moore is a caring knowledgeable professional.

Mar 19, 2024
It is always a pleasure to spend time with Dr. Moore.

Mar 18, 2024
Doctor Moore is compassionate and gives excellent advice. She treats you as not only a patient but a human being . I’ve had her for a little over two years and she never cease to amaze. She is very knowledgeable and I look forward to my visits with her . Take my word for it if you ever need a compassionate and knowledgeable MD she is the one you should seek

Mar 15, 2024
Overall compassionate, wise and listens very well. Makes you feel like you matter and will do her best too make sure you get the best care available

Mar 6, 2024
Good. Peace

Mar 5, 2024
Aways a pleasure to see Dr. Moore!!!!!

Mar 4, 2024
Dr. Moore is very caring and does not tend to rush you through to get to the next patient. She is very thorough and will not hesitate to refer you to a specialist if she deems necessary.

Mar 2, 2024
Dr. Moore is extremely knowledgeable and excellent at knowing the right questions to ask the patient. Warm and open to me as her patient.

Feb 29, 2024
Dr. Moore always shows concern for her patients.

Feb 29, 2024
Extremely knowledgable about problems I presented

Feb 15, 2024
Great, thorough service for my concerns

Feb 14, 2024
Quite satisfactory and thank you!

Feb 12, 2024

Jan 30, 2024
Happy Patient

Jan 19, 2024
I'm extremely appreciative of the knowledge, professionalism and caring manner in which I receive care.

Jan 19, 2024
Listening to my concerns and it was an amazing experience.

Jan 16, 2024
Continue to give great customer care to your patients.

Jan 16, 2024
Dr. Moore is always attentive and kind. She never appears rushed. She is very knowledgeable but also respects my autonomy and makes decisions with me rather than for me.

Jan 16, 2024
We have developed a very professional and caring line of communications

Jan 16, 2024
You need to put "excellent " on there because Dr Moore is just that!!

Jan 11, 2024
Dr. Dorian Moore, is a very excellent and informative excellent

Jan 11, 2024
Thank you

Jan 3, 2024
Dr. Moore always takes time to ask personal questions while performing her exam, answering any questions I have.

Jan 3, 2024
Dr. Moore is a great listener and knowledgeable! Treats me with respect and is able to address my concerns.

Jan 2, 2024
Both the nurse and Dr. Moore are caring and don’t rush you through the appointment.

Dec 29, 2023
Excellent “bedside manner”!

Dec 28, 2023
A great listener

Dec 21, 2023
Dr. Moore always greets me in a friendly, professional manner. And her MA, Serenity is very good also.

Dec 14, 2023
Excellent care

Dec 14, 2023
I thank God that I found Dr. Moore.