Derek DeSouza

20206 Farmington Rd

Livonia, MI 48152 Directions

5.0 out of 5

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Apr 16, 2023
Dr. De Sousa is an outstanding doctor.

Apr 10, 2023
Dr DeSouza can’t be replaced.. He is priceless

Apr 10, 2023
I have been with doctor DeSouza for over 23 year and have ALWAYS had a good relationship with this office and doctor,

Apr 5, 2023
Dr Derek deSouza is retiring, so I may look for another internist. He is great!

Apr 4, 2023
See the comments above. I sincerely hope IHA has Providers (and a system) who rise to the high standards to which patients of Dr DeSouza have become accustomed

Apr 4, 2023
Will be sorry to see Dr. DeSouza retire.

Apr 4, 2023
I appreciate that Dr Desouza recommended that I go immediately to St Mary’s Hospital where I spent 5 days. I feel much, much better.

Apr 1, 2023
Dr. DeSouza has been my primary doctor for many years and I feel very confident in his care.

Mar 30, 2023
Dr. DeSouza has been my doctor for over 35 years and has always taken the best care of me. I will miss him terribly.

Mar 28, 2023
Dr De Souza has been my Doctor for over 40 years. I have a great amount of respect for him

Mar 26, 2023
I have been a patient of Dr.Desouza for over 30 years I am sad and disappointed that he is going to retire from end of April of this year.

Mar 25, 2023
Always there when needed.

Mar 24, 2023
Always knowledgeable and caring

Mar 22, 2023
His retirement will be a big loss to his patients and clinic.

Mar 22, 2023
We will miss Dr. Desouza. Gonna be hard to replace!!

Mar 18, 2023
Always a good experience with Dr deSouza. In all my years as his patient, I can't recall ever leaving a visit withouy feeling reassured. Sorry to lose Dr deSouza to retirement but wish him well. He will always be the standard I measure other doctors to

Mar 14, 2023
Very good experience

Mar 13, 2023
Dr. deSouza has been my doctor for nearly 40 years and we have almost always gotten along. He explains things well and can be quite patient, to a point.

Mar 7, 2023
Dr. DeSouza is to be highly respected as a doctor and friend.

Mar 2, 2023
My doctor is very special and is the best. He does what is necessary to keep me healthy.

Mar 1, 2023
Excellent in all aspects.

Feb 27, 2023
Im happy for him that he is retirering but sad for me!