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Sep 27, 2022
Dr Campbell is our family's favorite doctor in a long time (and being a military family, we've seen a lot!). We'd like to keep her forever, please! She listens, is thoughtful, is knowledgeable, isn't afraid to acknowledge when she doesn't know something and send us on to someone more specialized, and always talks to us like we are part of the team and helps us make informed decisions.

Aug 30, 2022
We are very fortunate to have found Dr. Campbell as our family physician. She is very knowledgeable and we trust her.

Aug 30, 2022
I wasn't sure I should have made an appointment as I have occasional vertigo episodes. I had been experiencing vertigo more than usual so made the appointment. Dr Campbell was very reassuring and best of all she refreshed my Epley maneuver skills as I wasn't sure I was doing it right. She even gave me a new handout that was easier to understand than the one I got a few years ago. She was extremely helpful. I think I needed some hope that I would get better. She gave me that and more. Feeling better and still doing the Epley maneuver . Tell Dr. Campbell she was a miracle worker that day.

Aug 26, 2022
I felt that Doctor Campbell was professional and very thorough. She was friendly and knowledgeable about my chart before she came in to the examiner room. She suggested some follow up tests. I am very pleased with her care.

Aug 24, 2022
The overall friendliness of Dr. Campbell and the staff was excellent.

Aug 24, 2022
Dr. Campbell and the staff friendliness was excellent.

Aug 20, 2022
Dr Campbell really took her time, listened and explained. She is the kind of doctor we have been looking for since Dr. (XXX) retired.

Aug 18, 2022
Dr. Campbell and her nurse were excellent and professional!

Aug 13, 2022
I love Dr. Campbell and her staff. I never feel that any health issue is taken lightly or that I am taking to much of their time. My questions always receive prompt attention. Even when there was no open appointment, I was fitted in for an issue that I didn't feel could wait over the weekend. Dr. Campbell told me she was glad that I came in because I have an infection. She wanted an ultrasound but, they were gone for the day so, she had me go to the er. She called in a script as well.The staff is always prompt, caring . I used to take a book with me to appointments at my former physician but, I don't anymore. I don't get through any pages with their office.I have and will recommend Dr. Campbell to others.

Aug 9, 2022
I didn't feel well, but everyone I encountered was extremely kind.

Aug 9, 2022
The caring attitude she shows and Doctor Campbell listen too me. She's not affraid to touch me where I hurting. I am so happy to have a PCP who love being a doctor. When I call Doctor Campbell to inform her I needed her to to check my thyroid because I was in a lot of pain. The scheduler gave me appt. immediately. Doctor Campbell had the appointment check out clerk schedule me a ultrasound appt. I also was having problem with my asthma and allergy. She ask me what inhaler I was using before this very hot weather flare up my allergies and asthma. Doctor Campbell send a refill for my inhaler. I love having Doctor Campbell for my doctor she have a big heart for all people

Aug 6, 2022
The team working with Dr. Campbell was excellent and their accommodation to see both of my kids while I had my toddler with me was very appreciated!

Jul 30, 2022
Dr. Campbell was very personable and easy to talk with and explained things very thoroughly.

Jul 29, 2022
Dr Campbell and [xxxx] are excellent health care providers.

Jul 28, 2022
The whole team from receptionist to nurse who takes blood pressure and reasons to see ya and Dr. Campbell are great. Say thanks to everyone please.

Jul 25, 2022
Kaitlin Campbell and [xxxx] are outstanding care givers.

Jul 22, 2022
She seemed patient as I did not feel rushed. Also the nurse was pleasant.

Jul 22, 2022
New to the area everyone was very welcoming.

Jul 19, 2022
Dr Campbell is perfect for me as a doctor, really wants me and others to be healthy and I appreciate it

Jul 9, 2022
Thanks again to BJC Medical Group and Dr Campbell for squeezing me into the Friday schedule on short notice for an urgent matter!

Jul 6, 2022
Dr Campbell is a true professional with impressive medical knowledge. I feel very confident with her and referring others to her as well.

Jun 24, 2022
All staff from the minute I walked in the door until I left were so nice & friendly.

Jun 19, 2022
This was my first visit with Dr. Campbell and I found her to be very attentive and knowledgeable. Everything about the visit was very efficient.

Jun 10, 2022
Dr Campbell is a true asset to the practice.

May 26, 2022
I truly appreciated Dr. Campbell taking the time needed for a new patient visit. I wasn't rushed at all.

May 22, 2022
The entire experience was outstanding. Very efficient

May 20, 2022
As always, Dr. Campbell is outstanding! I appreciate the care she provides. Dr. Campbell always has a great attitude!