Bryan James Young, MD

Internal Medicine

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(775) 982-8256

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Sep 17, 2020
Dr Young is the best doctor I've ever had, he is very current with all info, he is compassionate, and he is very likeable.

Sep 16, 2020
Dr. Young is an excellent primary care physician.

Sep 15, 2020
Always caring but professional - easy to talk with

Sep 14, 2020
Dr. Young always has my best interest when discussing my treatment.

Sep 8, 2020
all good

Aug 25, 2020
Dr. Young is an excellent physician. He comes prepared and has obviously looked at my chart prior to coming into the treatment room. Happy to discuss anything with me. He is the best doctor I ever had!

Aug 24, 2020

Aug 24, 2020
All good experience

Aug 21, 2020
Excellent visit

Aug 21, 2020

Aug 20, 2020
Dr. Young is the best primary care physician I have ever had.

Aug 14, 2020
I am 77 years old and he is the best doctor I have ever had

Aug 7, 2020
While this was just a mini physical for my driver license, I always feel like I am the only patient that needs to be seen today and that I have both the nurse and doctor's undivided attention.

Aug 7, 2020

Aug 3, 2020
Both Dr. Young and Marci and caring professionals. I have nothing but the highest respect for them both.

Aug 3, 2020
My confidence in Dr. Young and Marci is beyond very good, more like excellent !

Jul 27, 2020
Very pleasant Care Provider

Jul 22, 2020
I have a longterm relationship with my primary care doctor and I could not more pleased with Dr. Young. I have total trust and confidence in him and respect him highly.

Jul 21, 2020
As usual -- Outstanding!

Jul 16, 2020
Bryan is simply the best.

Jul 13, 2020
Dr. Young is very thorough and explains everything. He's the reason I keep coming back to the program.

Jul 6, 2020
I always reccomend Dr. Young and his team.

Jun 26, 2020
Dr. Young is an excellent physician who is compassionate, articulate, and knowledgeable. He listens, includes me in decision-making,and I trust his medical advice.

Jun 26, 2020
Dr. Young is an excellent physician. I feel like we work as a team on my health. We discuss the options and make a decision.

Jun 22, 2020
Dr. Young is an outstanding Physician.

Jun 22, 2020
Dr. Young is an excellent doctor

Jun 18, 2020
Great visit - needed a reference for a prostate issue and Dr. recommended Mayo in Arizona. Will be discussing with my Urology person during a visit next week. Just what I wanted and needed.

Jun 11, 2020
Dr. Young always takes time to answer all my questions and concerns. He is an inspiration to stay healthy although I have a few health conditions and medications. I left the office feeling like I was a healthy person despite this.

Jun 11, 2020
Very good at realizing you are the center of his attention & you will be told everything he is thinking about you, good or bad.

Jun 11, 2020
Dr. Young always spends the time needed to solve any problems. He goes the extra mile to find the best way to treat something.

Jun 11, 2020
I can't say anything bad about the help that you have there they are just very caring and concern

Jun 8, 2020
Excellent professional service even several years - and continues.

Jun 1, 2020
The best.

May 28, 2020
I have a high degree of confidence in Dr. Young and his staff.

May 20, 2020

May 19, 2020
excellent care

May 6, 2020
Dr. Young is always caring. He listens, he asks questions, explains what is going on well. I'm very happy with the care provided by Dr. Young.

May 6, 2020
A perfect visit, as always.

Apr 29, 2020
Dr. Young, Marci and the entire staff are exceptional medical professionals.

Apr 23, 2020
Dr Young is the best doctor I have ever had and I am 76 years old. His knowledge and personality make me feel so comfortable with his diagnoses

Apr 21, 2020
All superb. it always feel Dr. Young has my best interest at heart and knowledgeable regarding needs/medications for me. SUPERB CARE - knowledge - explanation - explaining also - different medications & usage for various conditions. Plus!

Apr 2, 2020
Always good staff and treated very well. Wonderful staff & doctor.

Mar 30, 2020
The MD's care about explaining my condition & care was through and easy to understand

Mar 20, 2020
always get me in when I need to see a dr

Mar 12, 2020
Marcy & Dr. Young are such great healthcare people.

Feb 28, 2020
Great visit - detailed and to the point

Feb 27, 2020
I couldn't possibly recommend any one else

Feb 21, 2020
Dr. Young is excellent in his discussion and treaments

Feb 19, 2020
helped me make a difficult health care decision, with clear reasoning and attention to my age and overall health

Feb 7, 2020
I have been a patient of Dr. B. Young for several years.