Dr. Linda Diana Bartell, MD

Internal Medicine

Saint Agnes Care LQMG

1221 E. Spruce Ave

Fresno, CA 93720 Directions

(559) 450-5777


4.9 out of 5

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200 Ratings, 56 Comments

May 17, 2024
Excellent physician… warm, friendly, .knowledgeable, efficient,,compassionate

May 16, 2024
Already provided

May 7, 2024
I can’t say enough to thank dr Bartell for all her years of being my dr.

May 7, 2024
Absolutely love Dr. Bartell. She always listened to and gave great advise!

May 3, 2024
They treat me very well

Apr 30, 2024
Dr Bartell is THE BEST!!

Apr 26, 2024
She did a good job, was respectful and helpful!

Apr 23, 2024
I already expressed my appreciation in an earlier question. She’s excellent.

Apr 19, 2024
Excellent! I appreciate Dr Bartel & her staff!

Apr 17, 2024
Don’t retire Dr Bartell

Apr 11, 2024
Dr. Bartell takes my situation seriously and I feel very confident in what she recommends. May she be a part of your company for many more years!

Apr 5, 2024
I had several questions concerning my health and she answered all of them. I left the office with a much better understanding of my issues. I was very happy.

Apr 2, 2024
I feel sometimes they are on a hurry to get me out the door

Apr 2, 2024
I feel very comfortable and very important when I see Dr. Bartell. She has been my doctor for decades and I am very fortunate to have her overseeing my general health needs.

Apr 2, 2024
I could not ask for a better doctor and human being.

Mar 27, 2024
We need more MDs like Dr. Bartell.

Mar 22, 2024
I appreciate Dr.Bartell. She listens and answers questions I might have in an understandable way.

Mar 15, 2024
Wish more Dr like her.

Mar 13, 2024
It was a hopeful visit.

Mar 1, 2024
Dr. Bartell has always been a great GP. Im so glad her surgery didnt retire her.

Feb 23, 2024
She is so kind, professional and knowledgeable!

Feb 22, 2024

Feb 20, 2024
Dr. Bartell is the BEST!! I know that she will help me get back on track to good health in all areas, including weight loss.

Feb 16, 2024
Came away with a feeling of confidence and understanding how to deal with my heath problem.

Feb 7, 2024
Dr Bartell has always taken car of me well

Feb 1, 2024
She is just so kind and compassionate. She listens well and responds appropriately. I will be so sad when she retires in a few years. I have never had a doctor that I liked better than Dr Bartell.

Feb 1, 2024
Extremely pleased with my physician who has been my primary care person for many years.

Jan 26, 2024
I never feel rushed when I see Dr. B but I also know I tend to talk too much w unnecessary details so I am pleased that she still doesn’t seem annoyed or impatient!

Jan 25, 2024
Dr. Bartell and her staff all make me feel very comfortable whenever I have an appointment.

Jan 16, 2024
Very lucky to have Dr. Bartell

Nov 26, 2023
I feel very good about the care I receive and would definitely encourage anyone to use their services.

Nov 25, 2023
As with any provider, sometimes she seems in a hurry and may not give me the time I feel like I need. But she is such a good doctor and I always feel like she cares about me and listens to me when I explain whatever I'm there for. I feel so blessed to have found her.

Nov 24, 2023
Fantastic Dr need more like her.

Nov 21, 2023
She really listens to you,

Nov 11, 2023
Dr. Bartell takes the time to listen and then explain about any concerns or questions I have.

Oct 31, 2023
Love ❤️

Oct 30, 2023
Love Dr. Bartell. She is experienced, knowledgable and collaborative.

Oct 28, 2023
I would like to not have my appointments be so structured that sometimes there isn't enough time to take care of my issues. I arrive with a list and sometimes the doctor is pressured to move to her next patient.

Oct 25, 2023
My husband and I are thankful for this wonderful physician.

Oct 23, 2023
Dr. Bartell is so caring and gives you time to ask questions which she answers to your satisfaction. She is Wonderful.

Oct 21, 2023
Excellent in every way.

Oct 15, 2023
Excellent. Dr Bartell is alwsys up to date with my care and what needs to be done.

Oct 6, 2023
Been a patient of Dr. Bartell's for many many years. Would not consider another provider

Oct 6, 2023
I feel like I have always had the best of care with Dr Bartell

Oct 5, 2023
Our entire family loves Dr. Bartell.

Oct 2, 2023
We could ask for a more impressive diagnostician who is (for 22 years) who is so capable, kind, and personable.

Oct 2, 2023
I’m blessed to have Dr. Bartell as my doctor!

Sep 24, 2023

Sep 13, 2023
I love that the lab is on the same building.

Sep 13, 2023
Very happy with Dr. Bartell and staff.