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Colon & Rectal Surgery

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4.9 out of 5

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Apr 21, 2022
Ms. Ashley Plemens was very professionally attentive , and provided me great care by taking time to hear and consult with me . I am grateful to her expertise and thankful for her care .

Apr 20, 2022
She is very caring & compassionate. She was very helpful & understanding.

Apr 20, 2022
Ashley was excellent. Very thorough in describing multiple procedures the treatment plan & rationale. Thoroughly answered all my questions.

Apr 18, 2022
[....] I have NEVER felt so comfortable and listened to by a medical professional before. The way I trusted her knowledge and efforts to help my medical concerns was beyond words. I am most grateful to be in her and this office care. Thank you.

Apr 18, 2022
Good communication. Great attitude.

Apr 18, 2022
It was very pleasant. I have only good things to say about Dr. McClure's office - I have sent 2 friends to her.

Apr 16, 2022
She was very attentive and she listened to my answers to her questions

Apr 8, 2022
Ashley was very thorough, answered all of my questions and spent plenty of time with me. Very knowledgeable about all aspects of a surgery I am considering in the near future.

Apr 3, 2022
Ashley was wonderful, helpful and comforting

Feb 27, 2022
Ashley was really great. She listened, was personable and offered many suggestions for ways to treat my condition.

Feb 24, 2022
Ashley Plemmens NP and her MA were exceptional. I felt very comfortable with both of them as I saw her for a very sensitive subject for me, for which I had delayed medical care.

Feb 24, 2022
Ashley Plemens, Dr. Chang, and the staff at the colorectal office have be fantastic! This was a difficult time in my life made bearable due to their excellent, consistent, caring interactions with my family and I.

Feb 23, 2022

Feb 18, 2022
Excellent! - Well informed of medical history. Worked together to find out care of medical problems & put a plan together for patients care.

Feb 9, 2022
She is very good!!

Feb 7, 2022
She is thorough, personable & professional.

Feb 2, 2022
The provider displayed an incredible bedside manner, which I believe to be one of the most important pieces to providing health care. While I have experienced not so great bedside manners from some within this organization as a whole, this particular office and provider were exceptional.

Jan 18, 2022
Ashley was amazing. She took the time to listen me and actually hear me. Not just listen to respond. She actually tried to figure out what was wrong. I truly appreciate that.

Jan 2, 2022
I am so glad to have been paired with Ashley. She is attentive & kind & actually takes the time to understand me as a person in regards to my illness.

Dec 30, 2021
She was very excellent provider.

Dec 30, 2021
Ashley is very personable and knowledgeable. She is approachable, listens extremely carefully and anticipates questions. Her answers are detailed, understandable and concise. I highly commend her professional demeanor and spirit.

Dec 29, 2021

Dec 28, 2021
As a whole, the clinic has been great, the receptionists, the disability coordinators, the doctors, the Nurses, Medical Assts and especially the Nurse Practitioners. They spent quality time answering questions about my body, the procedure and other medical history. I was very impressed on the recommendations about other things like pelvic floor therapy that would help with surgery recovery and my occasional incontinence, and a barrier cream which would help healing at the incision site. Also, she laughed at my jokes, even though I am certain she has heard them a million times.

Dec 25, 2021
Excellent experience.

Dec 21, 2021
Ashley was amazing. This was my first visit after surgery and she was very concerned for my health and well being. She was very sensitive and listened to all my concerns and explained everything very clearly. She has me in a better place today while I am still healing.

Dec 9, 2021
Ashley saw me for a sensitive health concern and examination. She did an excellent job communicating what I should expect and made me feel as comfortable as possible. She also did a great job listening to my concerns and explaining the next steps in my treatment.

Nov 30, 2021
Excellent service, thorough and professional

Nov 29, 2021
Ashley was great and so helpful. She made me feel very comfortable and really went the extra mile.

Nov 24, 2021
The NP Ashley Plemens took time and concern for me. She answered all my questions and even went above and beyond. She explained every test she ordered and why it would be helpful to order it. She is wonderful, kind and caring. She goes through everything with you, sometimes twice to make sure you walk out with a understanding of what's going on with your health.

Nov 23, 2021
Very good service and concerns

Nov 19, 2021
Explained everything thoroughly, provided a relaxing atmosphere. Was vey thorough.

Nov 18, 2021
Exceeded my expectations.

Nov 17, 2021
Very good experience, a big relief for me.

Nov 9, 2021
One of most thorough providers I have ever visited.

Oct 30, 2021
Great service and follow up.

Oct 24, 2021
Ashley made me feel very comfortable with our discussion

Oct 23, 2021
Ashley was phenomenal!! It was my first visit with her but she took time to listen to me and to a proper assessment of my health issues and formulated a plan WITH me, which was very nice. I am very pleased with the care I received.

Oct 23, 2021

Oct 22, 2021
Ashley is outstanding. She explained my problem and options so clearly. She was extremely helpful ! Thank you, Ashley!

Oct 22, 2021
I was referred _____ my primary, they set up an appt. and got me in quickly to assess & treat the health concern & set up a follow up appt.

Oct 14, 2021
LNP was excellent!!!

Oct 14, 2021
Made the visit very good expience

Oct 3, 2021
All in all it was very professional

Sep 30, 2021
Very good

Sep 29, 2021
Provider was very helpful

Sep 28, 2021
Ashely is the best provider I have ever had!and that's saying a lot since she works in the colorectal department. Her knowledge, empathy, and professionalism are exemplary.

Sep 28, 2021
Overall excellent, except for the wait times. She explained things really well and told me she will discuss things with Dr. McClure (my usual provider in this office) to confirm next steps.

Sep 27, 2021
Ashley was a very compassionate personI felt very comfortable with herShe took the time to listen to me

Sep 24, 2021
Ashley is a top notch, very professional, yet personal person and health provider. I think she is wonderful in every way possible !

Sep 15, 2021
Left the office feeling like it was a waste of my time. Told me to get a second opinion on what was going on.