Amber Taylor, MD

General Surgery

1072 N Liberty St , Ste 300

Boise, ID 83704 Directions

(208) 302-2300

4.9 out of 5

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76 Ratings, 23 Comments

Jul 28, 2023
Great experience. Would recommend highly!!

Jul 21, 2023
Front office staff & nurse wonderful

Jul 14, 2023
They did not know I had an ultrasound, had not reviewed it or the report. It felt a bit strange that I needed to come in when they needed a pre- authorization to do anything. So I have to go back. I feel like this consultation could have been done over the phone.

Jul 12, 2023
Reception, Parker and John are excellent staff members. Dr Taylor very professional

Jul 12, 2023
The knowledge of the staff is very evident

Jul 7, 2023
They did a good job

Jun 30, 2023
This provider deserves a raise of some sort. I’ve NEVER AFELT

Jun 29, 2023
I felt very comforted in speaking with Dr. Taylor and her answering all my questions and concerns

Jun 21, 2023
Dr Taylor is an excellent physician and great at communicating treatment options.

Jun 16, 2023

Jun 16, 2023
Everyone was helpful

Jun 16, 2023
Very good

May 19, 2023
Very knowledgeable and helpful from first appointment to the end of the surgery.

May 16, 2023
I liked Dr. Taylor, I’m just still trying to figure out what is wrong.

Apr 26, 2023
Dr Taylor is a good person and a good Doctor.

Apr 22, 2023
She was excellent about explaining things to me.

Mar 18, 2023
I felt heard and unrushed

Feb 3, 2023
A good person.

Jan 27, 2023
I would highly recommend Dr. Amber Taylor to my relatives and friends.

Jan 25, 2023
I loved the way she spoke to me. She treated me with respect and didn’t talk down to me. She gave me options for treatment, too.

Dec 11, 2022
Dr Taylor and her medical

Dec 9, 2022
Dr Taylor referred me to another excellent provider in the system who specialized in my needed treatment, ( Dr Stockton ),who I also was very impressed with.

Nov 4, 2022
Very thorough, observed other possible causes for my pain, and referred me to another Doctor that she trusted for further consultation.