Aleah Thompson

Family Medicine

4350 Jackson Rd, Suite 200

Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Directions

(734) 761-2581

4.5 out of 5

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Apr 26, 2022
This was my first appt with this doctor. My previous doctor recently retired. This doctor had reviewed my slim case file and ordered the tests I needed.

Apr 25, 2022
I feel as though I was not heard by Dr Thompson. I have seen her several times for chronic issues and have expressed how much pain and discomfort I am in day-to-day and nothing is really done to figure out the issues besides basic blood work. I know part of this is the fault of the system, but I wish I could get a more thorough, empathetic experience.

Apr 22, 2022
So far, so good (new doctor).

Apr 20, 2022
This is the first appointment I have had with Dr Thompson. She was kind and thorough with and about my needs.

Apr 19, 2022
She's a new dr., but she's thorough & I like her very much.

Feb 24, 2022
Very helpful!

Feb 21, 2022
She's super nice and listened to everything I had to say. She also addressed everything I brought up to her regarding my health.

Feb 17, 2022
Great to meet my new doctor!

Feb 3, 2022
This was an excellent appointment for my first appointment with Dr Thompson

Jan 28, 2022
Very helpful, answered all questions.

Jan 23, 2022
Very friendly, helpful and caring team from the Doctor Thompson, nurse, and, the office employees.

Jan 23, 2022
Provider did not address new pain concerns or offer any advice on how to relieve the pain, seemed to not care about current symptoms or prior history, did what she needed to in terms of ordering requested blood work. Could work on her empathy.

Jan 22, 2022
It was the first time meeting her. Appointment was short and seemed cursory. Wasn't told if that was because of COVID-19 protocols.

Jan 20, 2022
Dr. Thompson was very courteous and listened to me in a way that no PCP ever has. She provided helpful information, explained potential paths forward with a couple of health issues, and allowed me to make the decision that seemed best for me with a plan to revisit the conversation next time. She was kind and helpful.

Jan 18, 2022
I felt comfortable with Dr. Thompson about an embarrassing medical issue. I trusted that her assessment and answers to my questions were well-informed and appropriate.

Jan 12, 2022
Was taken before my scheduled time which is very rare. This is my first meeting/appt with Dr Thompson. She was pleasant, understanding

Dec 30, 2021
Dr. Thompson was very attentive, communicative, and pro-active in providing care. She also has a very good bedside manner and is a pleasure to talk with.

Dec 21, 2021
This provider was very considerate.

Dec 17, 2021
I had not seen this doctor before. She was friendly, informed and understood my concerns.

Dec 14, 2021
Very impressed with Dr.Thompson.

Dec 8, 2021
This was one of the most efficient and well run visits I've had in a long time. They did a FANTASTIC job.