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Aug 6, 2022
Staff seemed to be very well trained in their line of work.

Aug 5, 2022
very professional and to the point

Jul 31, 2022
I have been a patient of Dr. Dela Cruz for just shy of 23 years. I have always been able to rely on him, and his staff for excellent care.

Jul 28, 2022
I will never, ever say anything off, bad, against Dr. Del Acruz. He is a very awesome doctor or maybe I should say, also, an awesome care-giver. He ALAWYS tends to me the way a doctor should. I have been seeing him for some time now and his care for me goes above and beyond. He knows my pain. I tell him everything that is going on with my pain and we talk all about and he will do more tests on me and with that he knows exactly which meds to help me with. I hope he never retires.

Jul 22, 2022
Dr Joseph is very caring and understanding. Highly recommend her practice.

Jul 22, 2022

Jul 22, 2022
Dr Joseph is great. She is very caring with my daughter.

Jul 20, 2022

Jul 14, 2022
He is a very good Dr. and his staff was awesome as well.

Jul 12, 2022
Great at listening to me and very through with the exam. Just wish I didn’t have to wait so long for my next appt.

Jul 12, 2022
Dr Joseph was very thorough in her exam, and very kind and caring during the appt.

Jul 7, 2022
Very pleasant.

Jul 2, 2022
I am pleased the way she handled the appointment

Jul 1, 2022
Dr. Joseph is a caring and compassionate provider. I am extremely confident in her.

Jun 29, 2022
He is very knowledgeable about his field of Care/ Neurology

Jun 28, 2022
Dr Joseph and staff are extremely good about treating my granddaughter’s medical condition and helping and give her the best treatment possible.

Jun 25, 2022
Dr. DeLaCruz and his staff are always nice and friendly.

Jun 18, 2022
very happy and I feel comfortable with all the staff

Jun 6, 2022
Dr Joseph is wonderful, she listens to your concerns. She is very good at explaining things and makes you understand.

May 19, 2022
Very pleasant and willing to take the time to explain

May 14, 2022
Very professional and easy to communicate with.

May 1, 2022
Dr. is a good listener and explains things to my satisfaction.C

Apr 27, 2022
very professional

Apr 27, 2022

Jan 13, 2022
Very pleased.

Jan 12, 2022
Best bedside manner of doctor

Jan 10, 2022
We were very satisfied with our visit. Wishing we would not have had to wait 6 months to the actual appointment tho was the only downfall. Thank u

Dec 29, 2021
I think you outta have more courtesy in them women that take your in and tell you where to going and all. Other than that, it's alright.

Dec 16, 2021
Virtual visits are a challenge to get used to for an old gal like me, but Dr. Dela Cruz is kindly patient as he walks me through my visit. I appreciate having the option to schedule my next appointment in-person or virtual.

Dec 15, 2021
I would highly recommend Dr Joseph Neurologist She takes her time explaining, asks if you have any questions. A very kind, pleasant person.

Dec 14, 2021
Dr. Preeti was a amazing doctor and has helped me very much. I am thankful to have her as a specialist.

Dec 13, 2021
I think that all the girls were very professional and very kind in my visit and they need a raise. All of them. Specially Dr. Joseph

Dec 13, 2021
Dr Joseph is very caring and helpful. She does not make you feel like a number. Impressed of how she went over my past records and used them to come up with a plan. The pre check in was nice time saver.

Dec 13, 2021
Dr. Joseph is always very thorough and attentive, which I appreciate. She truly listens and cares about what her patients have to say. She makes me feel heard and cared for. I am thankful she is my doctor.

Dec 9, 2021
Very pleasant and professional staff. No one appeared to be rushed or made us feel rushed.

Dec 9, 2021
Nurses very friendly.

Dec 8, 2021

Nov 17, 2021
They worked me in and I was very grateful for that. I thank each of them.

Nov 16, 2021
The doctor was very good at explaining what was going on and giving tips to help me threw it.

Nov 15, 2021
Good to see with all the virus paranoia there is still a place for personal, professional interaction. Dr DelaCruz is without doubt one of the top clinicians in the CGH Medical Center organization. Believe me, a look at my chart will reveal a wealth of experience with multiple general and specialty departments.

Nov 9, 2021
Dr. DelaCruz related very well with my husband. He has Alzheimer's and my husband really likes him. A huge shout out to his nurse, Terry as well. She has always been so kind and respectful toBill. It makes the experience so much better when you like what you are doing and who you are working with every day.

Nov 9, 2021
My only complaint would be my wait time during the appointment. I didn't wait long to get in but, once the appointment started, there was an extremely long wait in between treatments.

Nov 9, 2021
It would be nice if they would send me their reports and treatment notes rather than making me go through medical records to get them.

Oct 26, 2021
Every one was very nice.

Oct 25, 2021
I feel like I'm finally getting some answers for my issues. Thank you!

Oct 25, 2021
I was very pleased Dr DelaCruz and his nurse. Very kind and professional. Explained things very well. Would recommend to family and friends.

Oct 21, 2021
I had pain and headache. I had a brother that died from brain cancer, and it took me gosh about 9 months to get into the doctor. And also when I was at my appointment, because... because the pain went away, it was only a numbing feeling that I was feeling underneath my skull, he said, as long as I'm not in pain, you know, like... like that was it. I don't know... still don't know why I have the numbing feeling under my... in my head the way I do, but he dismissed it and said he's done... I don't have to go see him ever again. So, I guess I just live with it. And he didn't explain anything to me like what it could be or... anyway, but that's typical it seems like with a lot of the doctors there. It's like... I feel like it's the VA clinics all over again.

Oct 21, 2021
I got my questions answered in a down to earth friendly manner.

Oct 21, 2021
Good people... honest people... people I can trust. They are hard to find in today's society. Thank You

Oct 21, 2021
Dr. Joseph is an excellent physician despite some technical difficulties on my end. She was very patient and stayed with us. We had a good visit. She has excellent information, which she explains completely. She's very kind and thorough and we absolutely loved her. Thank you.