July 5, 2020 - Over the past 3 months, healthcare providers across the United States have seen an unprecedented increase in the use of telehealth services as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doctors and hospitals have been scrambling to implement and scale virtual visit technology in order to be able to continue seeing non-emergency patients throughout various stages of the "stay-at-home" and "social distancing" orders that have been issued by state and local governments.

One of the biggest challenges for physician groups has been letting new patients know that they're now offering virtual visits, and making their practice stand out online.

A rapidly emerging best practice to drive online awareness and demand for virtual visits is to collect and publish telehealth-specific ratings and reviews after each patient visit.

The organization highlighted in this post began collecting patient feedback after each virtual visit at the end of March (the first published comment is from March 25, 2020).  In just three months, they've collected and published feedback from more than 800 patients. And those patients have rated their (virtual) experience an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars!

What a great way to convince other patients who are looking for care, but unsure about scheduling a virtual visit, to convince them to book a virtual appointment.  

The transparency of being able to see unvarnished ratings and comments from other patients who recently received virtual care from this healthcare provider inspires confidence and trust during a time of great anxiety and uncertainty for today's healthcare consumers.

And while this recent increase in demand for virtual services has been fueled by COVID-related lockdowns and fear, I think we can all agree that virtual care for many types of non-emergency is here to stay.  

My wife recently scheduled a virtual visit with our pediatrician for our 7-year-old son who woke up with a skin rash.  She was able to "see the doctor" same day through her iPhone.  The consult took 7 minutes and, less than 30 minutes later, a prescription had been called in to our neighborhood pharmacy.  It was such a great first-time experience that, for similar types of non-emergency concerns, she told me this is going to be her first-choice option going forward.

More and more patients are going to be seeking virtual care in the future.  The best way for them to find you online is to make it as easy as possible for your existing patients to leave you an online review after each visit.  

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